Using Webcam With Some Applications Simultaneously With Manycam

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This is because not all of my chat friends have or know both the chat application. Most of them only have or know Yahoo Messenger application. But there is also the only have or know application CAMFROG.

The problem is when I run both applications chat simultaneously, I can only use webcams for one application only. Suppose that when I’m using webcams on the application CAMFROG then at that moment I could not use webcams for Yahoo Messenger application. And vice versa when I’m using a Webcam when chatting with Yahoo Messenger then at that moment I could not use it for applications CAMFROG.

However, the problem disappeared when I found a free application (freeware) called ManyCam. ManyCam is an application that allows us to use webcams with several other applications at the same time. Example, while we use a webcam using Yahoo Messenger then the application at the same time, we can use the webcam for other chat applications, such as MSN Messenger, ICQ, Skype, AIM, PalTalk, Camfrog, even Youtube.

After installing this program, we need to set ManyCam as the primary input devices for the programs we want to use. ManyCam will run automatically when you activate the webcam through this application.

With ManyCam application, we can add text, a flag of a country, look at our video on the screen

In addition, we also can change the look of the background (background) and foreground (foreground) on the view our webcam. Another unique feature is that we can put a cute pair of eye glasses on our face that would follow from the face or eye movements.

We can choose the effect of snow (snow effect) are scattered on our webcam display which may be able to describe where the heart / mind we’re cool or peaceful. There is also the effect of a flaming fire (flame effect), the effect of water (water effects), matrix effects, and many other effects that we can try yourself.

Oh, yes one more, but comes from a webcam, we can display the movie (film) by selecting the Source and then select the Movies tab and select the Open button and select the folder where you store movies on a computer. That way, we can show movies that we play are on display video (webcam) when we’re chatting. So who was chatting with a friend we will see the film being we play on our webcam display. In addition, we also can display the desktop, blank images, still images (still image), and also playlists (displaying images alternately).

For more details, please try for yourself


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