Acting Techniques Every Actor Should Know

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Have you ever heard the term, “it’s a small world.” Well there is a reason for that. In the world of entertainment, especially television and movies, it can be a somewhat closed off society and tight night group of people. So if I had to start off with some good acting tips my number one would with out a doubt, do not burn any bridges! So many times actors have stormed off the set because they got stuck with a rude director, or the other actors did not get along very well. This kind of nonsense happens all the time and every day in the entertainment industry. Learn to bit your tongue and not take things personally. Yes there are plenty of idiots and jerk in the business, but think about it, this is true for every profession.

   Never make enemies in Hollywood, it could cost you dearly, be it now or years down the road. This includes being nice and respectful to everybody from the guy who serves you lunch on the set to your own agent. Do not be a jerk yourself. If you feel your agent is not giving you the good quality roles that benefit your talent, then simply change agents. It is not big deal. Remember it is simply business, not personal. Now if you are just starting out, try a little bit of everything. Please do not just think your are going to jump right into the movies. It hardly ever works that way. Some people spend years in theater before making the leap to the big screen. So give this shot. It is actually nice because some plays and shows run for weeks, months and even years. Those are good steady paychecks, and will help you sharpen your acting skills.

   After you have done theater for a while my next item on my acting tips list would be to try out for commercials, and or bit parts on television. Just to see if you have a face and acting style that a much larger audience is going to respond to. If you do, eventually you can start trying out for the movie roles. Believe me you will be much more likely to get a movie role with years of theater and television experience behind your belt then you would just trying to jump right in. Make sure you keep your resume up to date every few months with high quality professional glossy photos, and a complete listing of all your work. When it come to the basic acting tips, just keep in mind that being a movie actor is not for everybody. You never know, after to doing the theater for a couple years you may really come to love it, and not want to do anything else.


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