The Mind Of A Serial Killer

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The mind of a serial killer is a chilling area of discussion.  It makes one wonder why they do it and how they got that way in the first place.  Serial killers are very complex individuals.  There is usually a group of traits that have some bearing on the personality.  In order to be distinguished as a serial killer, there are certain criteria that need to be met.  This usually involves the killing of over three people with a noticeable standstill amid the murders that extends in excess of approximately a month.  Serial killers are more inclined to be males.  Female serial killers are very scarce and their intentions tend to differ somewhat from that of the males. 

It has been strongly authenticated that there is a marked constituent of sexual brutality often associated with the childhood of a serial killer.  Their deceitful conduct as adults is often times related to events from their past whether it be sexual, physical, emotional, or a combination of all three.  These forms of abuse ultimately mark where fantasy begins to surpass reality and some really alarming activities begin to surface.  Many become captivated with arson and/or there is the development of the cruel torture of animals to name a few.  It is worthy to note as well that there are many people who endure tragic childhoods, but yet do not become murderers.  Something in the mind of the serial killer gets triggered to an on position that cannot be stopped. 

As adults after traits of psychopathy and sociopathy have already set in, the serial killer will take on such acts as becoming engrossed with inner organs of the body, exclusively the sexual parts with an instance of this nature being necrophilia.  As psychopaths, they will lack any compassion or sympathy for their victims.  As sociopaths, their perception of what is considered correct and unethical has been corrupted. 

Most of the famous serial killers in America have been white males approximately around the age of thirty.  Ted Bundy is a notorious psychopath that comes to mind.  He lured women into his car and would do unspeakable acts with the bodies following their demise.  Sexual predator, John Wayne Gacy, and his psychopathic tendencies became the center of attention amongst researchers after he was imprisoned for raping and killing several young males. 

There has been some progression and conjecture as to why a select group of individuals will become serial killers.  Some theorists have considered that they are biologically born as killers with anomalous activity being experienced in the brain.  The mind of the serial killer continues to be studied and more superior gains of knowledge are expected to evolve in the future.  


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