Slice the Pie : The New Twist for Earning?

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It has been a good experience at the start for

reviewing songs of certain band groups with all

types of genre. If you are a music lover or part

of the band and you want some extra cash, then

you can try this site.

I have researched if the site was legit and it

was. Most members are paid even if they are

International members. You see, there is a trick

in reviewing songs here. Some says that you have

to totally spread your ratings, while others say

that you need to rate only from 4-7 to make your

accuracy increase. But my problem from the start

was that how can i reach a two level stars to

earn real money. As you know, when you are a

newbie and definitely a one star scout, you will

get to have v 0.10 (vouchers) which means this is

entitled for you to buy shares or invest on an

artist starting at low rate of 5GBP or equivalent

value of v5.00(voucher). I was on my 100 plus

reviews on track till i got two stars and i

earned only 0.57 pense then it went back again to

one star rate.

Now someone says that the ratings were suppose to

be like this:

when a scout does 15 reviews of tracks for 30

minutes, the earning (assuming only) would be


1 star scout = 45p
2 star scout = 75p
3 star scout = 1.05GBP
4 star scout = 1.35GBP
5 star scout = 1.80GBP

But to my surprise, i followed the rules and yet

got stuck to one star with 200 tracks reviewed

and all i get were only vouchers. Although i

already invested on two bands, it will still stay

the same on one star. Hey, wait a minute, what is

the catch here? why is my star not increasing, i

keep on rating fairly, my accuracy is 90% and why

is my rate still flat.

I got so tired of writing and reviewing aweful

songs. Songs that sometimes you think that comes

out right out the grave, but here you go, no

pense , no incentives but vouchers and more

vouchers. Now here is the twist, when i came back

to their site, you know what happened? My eyes

popped out to see that they changed their

ratings. Here is what they have changed, and i

almost slipped down my chair and wasted my

energy, trying to think that i can still have a

chance to continue and try my best to get a two

star rate.

New rules applied:

24/7 scouting room
1 star scout = v0.04
2 star scout = v0.05
3 star scout = .05p
4 star scout = .07p
5 star scout = .10p

While on Bebo room (which will be open soon by

December , the rate was this )

1 star scout = v0.10
2 star scout = 0.03p
3 star scout = 0.05p
4 star scout = 0.07p
5 star scout = 0.10p

Now it’s all up to you if you wanted to still

continue earning money on their site, i guess

this is still good for those who already earned

money, but for me as a newbie, i don’t think i

will try my luck, maybe i’d be hitting 500 review

tracks, provided with quality sentences but

still, i might land on 2 star rate, so i will not

try to waste my time more, but instead go find

out some sites that pays even more.


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