Eating Snacks 2 Times A Day To Lose Weight

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Eat snacks two times each day while still shed pounds? So many of us hoping to lose weight simply don’t learn how eating five times a day could produce better results than not eating. However we have tried starving ourselves to burn fat and failed. Our systems self protection mechanisms interpret our starvation diets as, well – starvation. Starvation mode produces a slower metabolic process and a heightened urge to consume, anything, now! And eat all we will to make sure when starvation comes again our systems can have the fat reserves it needs to live. I’m sure you will find considerably more scientific explanations regarding how our body system manage the threat of starvation nonetheless the main point is, that our bodys systems needs will win out against our willpower to keep us from starving. Eating on a regular basis to shed pounds seems backwards, seems counter-intuitive. Being sure that we have a decently balanced meal three times every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, continues to be shown in study after study to provide better weight loss results. But it’s still hard to imagine and understand how we will eat snacks between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner and lose weight.

Eat Two Snacks a Day

We drop weight by eating five times a day partly because we never allow the starvation mechanism, built into our DNA, to be switched on and mess us up. Always having food available to satisfy our hunger lulls our primitive feast or famine starvation mechanism to keeping silent. Keri Gans tells us in the book, Small Change Diet, that eating every three or four hours is preferable to going food-less for 5 to 6 hours. So as to keep our bodies from realizing that we are really losing weight we should eat snacks at the very least two times each day. So have your chosen snacks after eating breakfast and before lunch to help keep from gorging at lunch. Then eat snacks again in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner, we can keep ourselves from eating an enormous lethargic producing supper. Keri Gans advices if we are only allowed to eat snacks once daily it should be in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. But eating snacks two times a day is preferable. The habit, that most of us do enjoy, of eating snacks late at night while watching TV, will not have anything to do with hunger. I know that when I settle down to view a movie I have to eat one of my personal favorite evening snacks, popcorn, but this is a learned response which has nothing to do with hunger. But Keri Gans also advices that if you’re a night owl and it has been three hours, if not more, since you last ate dinner having a small simple snack will be ok. However i don’t consider a bag of popcorn or even a quart of ice cream would classify as a small simple snack.

What Do I Eat For Snacks?

Keri Gans lists 10 specific suggestions for what it is that we can eat for snacks in bullet list form. There have also been quite a few other suggestions throughout the entire text. Inside the South Beach diet book, Good Fats Good Carbs Guide, is included a few dozen recommendations for snacks we should eat. But regardless of exactly where the suggestions are found, and almost regardless of what the suggestions are, it really is prudent to eat snacks maybe once or twice a day as part of any weight loss program. So remember to: eat snacks twice a day – and drop some weight – by making sure to keep hunger away.


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