Birthday Signs Can Make A Person’s Day

You can create a beautiful centerpiece to your decorations with birthday signs announcing the name of the birthday boy or girl, the date of the celebration, and even a colorful graphic. You can include a picture of a birthday cake, a party hat, or something that represents a favorite character, toy, or image of the honoree. What makes these signs so special is that they will last for years to come and therefore make great keepsakes.

Create A Festive Party

Imagine the photos from the birthday party of the honoree blowing out candles beneath and bright and cheery banner with the words, “Happy Birthday,” stretched across the wall above him. The pictures, themselves, will make great memories, and the banner can be brought out for birthday after birthday, as they are generally made of quality vinyl that is extremely durable and fade resistant, even when you are using your birthday signs outdoors.

Tell Everyone

Birthday signs at school or work, usually smaller in size than a party banner, can be posted about so that everyone around knows to wish the person involved a happy birthday. You can even customize the signs with pictures of the person or with logos or other graphics to make them fun and eye catching. They can be brought out every year to celebrate the person’s birthday at their place of business and at home.

Welcome The Birthday Honoree

Whether your birthday honoree is coming home from work or school or flying in from out of town, he or she will love the welcome when birthday signs are posted on the front of the house or in the front yard. Banner style signs can be hung to cover the front wall, or you can use sign stands to place festive signs about the yard and sidewalk. Whichever you choose, the person whose birthday has arrived will love the extra attention.

Make Your Students Feel Special

Birthdays are a huge part of childhood, and as an elementary school teacher, you can make a student’s day by acknowledging his or her birthday with birthday signs. A teacher’s budget is slim, but a small sign in durable vinyl can make a child’s day without too much expense. Use bright primary colors and post them on your door or just outside your room so everyone can see that today is a special day.

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