Stop Smoking to Prevent Cancer

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The major cause of primary carcinoma of the lung or lung cancer is smoking. Tobacco also is solely responsible for cancer of the bladder, pancreas and kidney. Both men and women are equally vulnerable to lung cancer. There are around 32% of men and 25% women who die from cancer every year. Around 90% per cent of lung cancer patients are cigarette smokers. Those men who smoke one packet of cigarettes a day increase their risks of lung cancer by around 10 per cent compared to those who do not smoke. The signs of lung cancer involve chronic cough, persistent cough, chest pain, coughing of blood, an increase in mucous production, noisy breathing or wheezing, shortness of breath, bronchitis, hoarseness, pneumonia weight loss and loss of appetite. If you are a smoker or have been a smoker for many years you have a high risk of cancer however you can also suffer some other associated lung problems. So the longer you smoke the greater risk you have of lung cancer.

Once you stop smoking you greatly minimize the risk of not only lung cancer but also other associated smoking related diseases like heart stroke, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The development of lung cancer takes a number of years and the disease peaks at around the age of 55 to 65 years of age. There are changes in the lung the moment you are exposed to carcinogenic chemicals. Soon after exposure to smoking begins, there are a few abnormal cells that may appear in the lining of the bronchi that are the main breathing tubes in the human body. When increased exposure to these substances there are more abnormal cells that appear and some become cancerous and they form tumors. When you stop smoking the abnormal cells are replaced by the normal cells and your risk levels of getting lung cancer falls drastically.

The only solution to lung cancer is to quit smoking and if you are a non smoker you can help your friends to stop smoking. You can go for alternate therapy treatments like acupuncture, laser therapy and other therapies. The best way to quit smoking is to adopt the aversion therapy that is a natural way to quit smoking. You should be cautious and careful. There are many natural methods and you can also join an anti smoking club that can help to kick the smoking habit with others. Quitting smoking is a challenge and you must be focused and mentally prepared. It is not an easy task and you should be disciplined and not give in to cravings at all. You have to be very strong and committed and choose an approach that you will be comfortable with. For teenagers there is a word of caution, if you are experimenting on smoking you should stop it right now! Smoking has no benefits whatsoever and so you should be careful not to be misguided by peers. It is better to lead a healthy life by being a non-smoker than a life that is resigned to ailments and cancer if you are a smoker!


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