Five Right Strategies to Prevent Flu

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If someone is too often get the flu, their immune systems will decline, making germs and bacteria easily enter the body and cause other diseases. Other diseases in question is bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infections. Because when you are cold, the airway and lungs are weak. But, because the location is also adjacent to the respiratory system digestive system, then there is also the possibility of gastrointestinal tract infection, infection of the stomach or intestinal infection.

Here are 5 strategies when the flu started to enter the prodormal, namely the era in which wild viruses began to show symptoms of mild degree. A little pain in the throat or start sneezing.

May 5 strategies below can be useful for you:

1. Eat 1,200 calories every morning until your cold symptoms subside. Naturally nutritious food, for example: a bowl of cereal and milk, a glass of orange juice and grape jelly. Bpleh plus pastries plus peanut butter. Orange juice and grape are vitamin C, one of the great antioxidants to boost immunity.

2. Let yourself get short-term stress, especially stress that can be overcome. In these conditions, it is the same as charging your immune system. To take advantage of stress as a means of therapy as an example: take a little extra work while in office or help work colleagues, but do not overdo it, should not be more than half or one day. Want another way? Play station play games with your friends or your child or games on the computer and on facebook.

3. Replace your afternoon coffee with green tea. So start supplying green tea when you get the first signs of flu. To get the maximum amount of EGCG supply: Heat a glass of water in the microwave, put green tea bags and wait for 10 minutes. Combine honey as a sweetener.

4. Sleep for 8 hours a day so your body’s immunity to work with full force, so that the ‘natural killer cells’ able to beat the formidable virus. Use comfortable clothing during sleep to get good quality sleep. T-shirts and shorts make a comfortable body temperature so that it will improve the quality of sleep as well as boost your immune response.

5. Regular exercise will increase endurance. But, when you begin to feel cold, you should do exercise with light intensity.

Five strategies is certainly not difficult to not be done. These are easy, and do not forget to always wash hands with soap to help reduce the risk of getting flu.


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