Is it True You Can be God's Friend

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You can be Gods friend

God wants you to be his friend.

God wants you to be his friend. Have you ever thought that you can be a friend to the world’s greatest person? Abraham who lived a long time ago was named the lord’s friend. Other personality’s the Bible talks about that have also been happy that they can be a friend with God. People today all over the world have become friends with God. You too could become his friends.

To be a friend of God is better, than being a friend to anyone else

God never disappoints his true friends. To be God’s friend is better than, being rich. If a rich person dies. Others collect his money. But those who are happy of Gods friendship have a lot more treasure which no one can take from them.  –    matthew   6:19.

Some people may distract you from learning about God

Even some of your friends or family members can do so. If others laugh at you or threaten you, ask yourself: “who do you want to impress – your friends and family or God?”Think about this; if someone tells you not to eat will you listen to them? Of course, not! You need to eat in order to live. But God can make sure that you can live forever! So don’t let anyone get in your way of learning how to be God’s friend. – John 17:3.

                                           God is the best friend you could ever have

To be God’s friend, is the best thing, that could happen to you. God can learn you, how to be happpy and how to live surely, he can release you from many false religions and bad habbits. He will listen to you prayers. He will help you to be happy on the inside and help you to be more confident.He will help you in tough times. And he will offer you a gift of enternal life.

When you get close to God, you will also get closer to his friends.They will become your friends aswell, acctually they will become your brothers and sisters. they will help you learn and also they will guide you.

We are not ever with God.With being God’s friend we have to learn something very immportant.Being with God does not mean we are equal. He is much older and stronger and thoughtfull than we are.He is are ruler.So if we want to be his friends we must listen carefully to what he say’s. It will alway’s be for the best for us. – Isaiah 48:18.

                                                               You need to learn about God

Inable to have a friendship with God you need to learn about him. Does your friends now you by your name and call you by your name? Ofcourse. God also wants you to know his name and call him by it. His name is Jehovah. You also need to learn what he likes and dislikes. Also you must know who are his enimies. It takes time, to get to know someone. The Bible say’s, it good to make some time to learn about Jehovah. – Ephesians 5:15,16.

Go’s friends do that, What makes him joyfull. Think about your friends.Will they carry on being your friends,if you treat them badly and do that, what the hate? Ofcourse,Not! That same way, if you want to have a friendship with God, you must do stuff he likes. – John 4:24.

Not every religion leads to a friendship with God. Jesus, is Gods closeiest friend,so inorder to have a friendship with him you need to only bow to him. – Matthew 7:13,14



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