Writing Negative Things

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I saw some persons are spreading negative thoughts as well as posting hurting words in fb and other social sites, surely this kind of activities must be stopped. There is nothing wrong in posting good quotes and things in updates, if you have any opposition with the good thing, just contact the person using message and show your opposition privately, don’t post negative opinion in public, it will create some unwanted issues. Also we don’t get any benefits by posting this kind of negative things and arguing words, this kind of negative and harsh words have the ability to break the good friendship and relationship, so we must surely avoid using negative things while writing

Online medium is a powerful way to reach a lot of people and spreading our thoughts and opinions. We must be very careful while writing our comments and replies in online sites. Since our replies and comments are available to every one and all the visitors have the ability to read our comments if we post it in a public manner, so we must give positive and good comments, if we dislike the topic or having some disagreement with the content, we must express it in a kind and polite way without hurting the person whoever created the topic. 

It is easy to place negative comments and hurting words in online sites, but it will give a great hurt to the people who created the topic and this kind of harsh and negative comments will be an insult to them among other people, so we must avoid giving negative comments and harsh words in online sites. We have lot of polite words to express our thoughts and opinion, use this kind of kind words to express your real opinion instead of using harsh words. 

Don’t spread negative thoughts and write about negative things with online sites, since it is an easy to reach media, if some person will be affected with your negative work, it is not easy to compensate it. So avoid writing negative things and spreading negative thoughts in online medium. Be optimist and always spread the positive thoughts and wonderful comments and replies to others as well as create good and quality topics in various sites.


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