Sharing Problems in Facebook

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Lot of people are interested in sharing their problems and issues in social site to get solution for it. Online social sites are the virtual place to meet a lot of persons and make a good friendship with them, since we don’t know each other by face to face and share our problems and issues with them freely without any hesitation. Some people hesitate to share their problems with their real life friends, since we are in need to face our friends in our day to day life, where as online is a virtual place and we don’t have the ability to see our friends by face to face, so we can express our thoughts, opinions and problems with our online friends without hesitation.

Different kind of people with different ages are using social sites and some experienced people and experts will help us to solve our problem by giving their suggestion as well as solution to our problem. In this way we will get solution to our problem. While sharing our problem in a online site, we may get various replies and opinion in various sort, some people may experience the same problem in their life and they will give their reply based on the experience, in this way we will get various thoughts, ideas and opinion for a single issue and select a best solution for our problem. Different kind of people will treat the same problem in different way and they will give their answer in their point of view.

Now a days lot of people are using social sites for various purpose and we will meet different kind of people in social site, since we are not in need to face them directly, so we can share our problem easily without any hesitation in social site. So only lot of people sharing their problems and issues in social sites to get solution for it. This kind of trend is keep growing now a days and most of the people are interested in sharing all their things in social sites like face book. They will share all the pleasures and enjoyments as well as sorrows and depressions in fb and make their friends and other persons to know about their activities.

This kind of sharing is having both pros and cons, there is nothing wrong in sharing our problems in social sites, but we must be careful while doing it and don’t share more personal information in social sites, it may give some unwanted problems to you.


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