Underage Dui

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Drunk driving is a serious crime in United States and especially underage drunk driving is considered severe because it affects both society and individual. Some harmful consequences of underage drinking includes early addiction of alcohol, poor performance at school, various health problems, alcohol related accidents, injuries and even deaths. Statistics reveals that about 5000 underage deaths occur each year due to excessive use of alcohol. Therefore, stricter laws are enforced to limit the underage drinking.

In 1995, Bill Clinton, the former president of United States, enforced “Zero Tolerance” law against underage drunk driving. Under this law, anyone under the age of 21 with Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.02 percent or higher will be charged with a DUI. But in reality, the “Zero Tolerance” law has been enforced to bring down underage drinking. Hence, there is an additional charge of underage drinking along with a regular DUI.

The penalty for underage DUI conviction includes confiscation of vehicle, suspension of drivers license, completion of community service, attending alcohol educational classes, paying stiff fines, probation and maybe even a jail term of up to one year. Seeking legal help is strongly recommended for underage DUI due to its extreme nature of charges.

Underage DUI conviction affects educational and career opportunities to an individual. They may face difficulties in college admission and as well as jobs. Admission into professional studies such as law, medical, teaching and accounting in graduate schools are declined for underage DUI convicted individuals. Likewise, they also find it difficult in getting a job and are required to mention their conviction in job application to avoid getting dismissed from their employment if discovered later. It is best to seek help from a lawyer under such circumstances and get to know your rights.

The information in the DUI Process Manual helps you if you have been recently pulled over and cited for DUI as well as if you have older DUI conviction record and are hoping to expunge or clear your record. You can get very useful and researched information on expunging your DUI record, getting your driver’s license back, saving money on your auto insurance and even saving money throughout your whole DUI process no matter what state (US) you are located in.


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