Why Detoxification is Good for the Body

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Is it really necessary to detoxify our bodies from time to time if we are already living a healthy lifestyle?

In my opinion it is, since toxins and chemicals are all around us. Every day we are bombarded with poisons in the air, in our food supply and our homes. Some experts believe that the earth has so much toxicity that even organic foods may have chemicals in them. In addition, homes may contain asbestos, molds and more, and we have no control over the air we breath. Many people aren’t aware that the cosmetic industry is unregulated, and harmful toxins may be found in makeup, skin care, and even baby products. Lead has been found in baby toys and lipstick.

For this reason detoxification is the best way to cleanse our bodies. Otherwise these toxins accumulate and of course can be detrimental to our health and well being. The toxic load can also be eased by using only safe and natural products in the home (both for cleaning and personal care) ultra filtered water, and a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. Meat can be found that is hormone and antibiotic free. As consumers are becoming more health conscious these products are becoming easier to find.

As far as detoxification is concerned there are products for this purpose without side effects. Some products that claim to be cleansers may not have a great impact on the blood or tissue, which is very important for the elimination of chemicals from the body.

It’s important to drink lots of water while detoxifying to help remove the toxins from the body and to prevent dehydration.

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