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Now that you have a new puppy and you have been trying to find aid from dog training Illinois, the very good news is the fact that turning your new puppy into a terrific companion isn’t terribly difficult if you are ready to invest a little bit of time daily. Investing some time together with your new furry bundle is exciting, so let’s talk about four important things you’ll be able to do starting now to turn your pup into your greatest good friend.

1. It’s important to teach your puppy to tolerate being inside a crate. The crate will probably be of terrific support in establishing a housebreaking schedule. For those who use the crate judiciously like a playpen it will also become a comfort zone and sought out place for your pup to rest and nap. Storing several toys in the crate or feeding occasional meals in it will aid the pup to generate a positive association with going in. Should you have any difficulties in teaching your puppy to become calm and content in her crate, please contact us to learn far more about our dog training Illinois programs.

2. Commit time every day teaching your puppy to tolerate being handled and restrained. This will likely prepare your puppy for the lifetime necessities of being groomed. Important things like nail trimming, teeth brushing and staying combed can be stressful to a dog who has not learned from a young age how to tolerate these things. When you feed your pup a small treat or make it possible for her to chew on a toy while you spend a couple of minutes executing these activities daily your pup will grow up accepting them like a typical part of the routine. Our puppy training plan for dog training Illinois would be the ideal technique to understand tips on how to teach these skills.

3. Give your puppy plenty of exercise. One of the easiest methods to have a well- mannered canine is to be certain that he gets enough exercise daily. A tired dog can become a very good dog! Physical exercise is usually obtained in lots of ways. Go for a walk within your neighborhood, which also gives your pup an opportunity to socialize and meet new people, or play a rousing game of fetch each day. When you sprinkle in a bit of obedience like a sit or down command along with your exercise schedule, you’ll be accomplishing double duty by providing psychological exercise also. Dog training Illinois has the best dog obedience plans to assist and guide you through that training.

4. Finally, try to remember to reward your puppy for the things he does properly. When your dog runs up to you any time you call him, reward it. If he sits or stands rather than jumping on you, reward that as well. A reward is anything that your dog likes: treats, toys or affection. Rewarding your dog for good behavior builds an awesome partnership. With experience from our dog training Illinois plans we are able to teach you on ways to reward these things and the way to properly interrupt those naughty behaviors you don’t want.


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