5 Things That Vegas Should Change

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Loosen up their policy on credit check

People have a hard time finding work here because they run credit check so rigorously. They should lower their scrutiny on credit because most people have bad credit anyways. If they have jobs that don’t have anything to do with money, they should not check our credit but business owners themselves run into billions dollars of debt and they’re not view as criminal. It’s just a double standard for job seekers. People can run into financial difficulty from time to time but it doesn’t mean that they’re thieves. There are way too many cameras in the work place for people to steal successfully anyways.

hire locals people first

Vegas should give local people a chance before they fly someone in from another state but they seem to be hiring people from out of state first. They should give local people a chance to have a career. There are plenty of people here who can do the jobs that they need.

Change their casino uniform

Some casinos have hideous uniforms and it’s not that pleasant to look at. They would do better business if their uniforms are tasteful and attractive to people at all ages. I find that their uniforms are too old fashion, not attractive and make the business look bad. They seem to decorate everything well except their employees and they need to do better with that.

Have ethical employment practice

They should have more ethical employment practices like hiring waitress and dancer separately. You have to be able to look like a model, serve burgers and then dance afterward, which seems ridiculous to me and it’s a discrimination against looks which is against federal laws. You don’t need to be a model to serve burgers but they think so in Vegas.

Have more entry level jobs

Every other state has entry level training job, well you don’t get that in Vegas. You have to start out at a smaller casino, but if you were interested in a bigger casino, they wouldn’t hire you unless you have tons of experiences. Yes, they should loosen up a little bit and consider people for jobs if they have similar experiences. How hard is it to pick up the phone and answer it or clean the floor? Casinos should give people more chances for work.


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