When You Know Your Relationship is Over

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Relationship has many ups and downs but there will be time when your heart will tell you that it’s over. I’ve had many relationships and I can almost tell when it’s near dead end. Well, you might want to foresee it and make your plans accordingly. Why waste your time in a bad relationship? Some women will end up in the mental hospital that way. You deserve more and a better relationship and they’re out there. You should take the time to work it out.

There are people who will try to stay anyways because they can’t escape the relationship or that they’re afraid to be alone. There are people that are so dependent that they don’t have the resources to get out of it if they’re married and have children. There are people who are afraid that no one else would date them because they have kids or that they’re not good looking or if they’re too old. This is why a lot of people stay in bad relationship because they think that something is going to change when it will only deteriorate.

If you’re afraid of being alone, you should look for other things in life that make you happy. There are thousands of things to do in life that are self-fulfilling. You don’t have to be with a mate in order to be happy. People should look for alternative like hanging out with friends, family, pets or go on vacations or do some sports or hobbies. You can volunteer or start a business to take up your time so you don’t sit around the house and think about the other person. It feels great to receive affection from someone else but you can snap out of it if it’s hurting you. Affection is not supposed to hurt. You should not confuse affection with abuse.

It’s best to leave the relationship if you feel like it’s over such as the other person cheating on you, neglecting you, abusing you, using you, or just trying to give you a hard time. If you feel it, then it’s there. You should trust your gut before something worse could happen. There are plenty of women out there who get physically abuse until they die or until they ended up in a mental ward. It’s highly possible for any woman out there to be a victim. Men can turn abusive and you might not see it right away or that your relationship is making him wanting to abuse you over the many reasons.

You know it’s over when he stops calling and when he ignores all of your phone calls and doesn’t return them. You know it’s over when they abuse you and call you names and make you feel bad about yourself. You know it’s over when they cheat on you and want you to know it. You know it’s over when they use you and try to kick you out. You know it’s over when you can’t look them in the eyes anymore without getting sick to your stomach.


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