5 Funny Things From 2011

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Crazy jobs

2011 had many people went from hero to zero. Many of us were slapped with unemployment and were forced to take jobs that were downright humiliating, like massaging people’s feet, deliver pizza, working at Mcdees and being an usher. I hate usher jobs. I have better things to do with my life. If you were a big boss and now delivering pizza, you will know what I’m talking about and a lot of people did turn to delivering pizza and for roadrunners, yikes. People were literally selling water on the strip and umbrella. There were also people begging and pretending like they’re homeless when they’re not. You can’t afford to raise 3 pit bulls if you’re homeless but they all have at least two lovely dogs.

Presidential candidate sexual harassment charges

Politician wants to change the world but they sure don’t want to change their own world. They go from vowing to be honest to harassing every campaign assistant that is hot. Just look at the news recently, sexual harassment is the thing to talk about.

Obama fixing housing crisis in Vegas

Obama keep on promising to fix housing crisis in Vegas, but every time that he’s here, he ended up helping only about 1000 people in Vegas, and we have hundred and thousands of people here. We won’t vote if you are just scamming us Mr. President. My family paid an extra monthly mortgage because we thought that he might help us or his policy will but it’s just a scam and publicity stunt. Shame on you Mr. President, and it will show on the ballot next year.

Trying to get a job in Vegas

It’s the most hilarious and downright humiliating thing to try to get a job in Vegas. You have to be six feet tall, with EE breasts, look like Kate Moss in order to get a burger serving job in Vegas. Yes, the demand is outrageous here, and your wage is just $7.00 an hour plus tips and you do have to date your boss too. Ouch, Vegas can’t get any more humiliating than this.

Trying to buy stocks

Why try to buy stock, it will just sunk in price and you will end up losing all of your money, you might as well just give it to the homeless man outside 7-11, at least, he will make good use of it. Stocks will be low and then lower after you buy it, so don’t listen to those folks that it’s a good time to buy, because it will take another 5 years for you to see some rise again. Put your money into a bond or a saving account, until the market gets better. Sure you can buy it low, but it will just get lower, there is no point in buying it.


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