5 Things You Need to Let go in 2012

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Your bad relationship

People are just in bad relationship over and over again. They ended up going to my hospital all the time. It’s time to end your bad relationship. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and we’re literally saying that you can go on plentyoffish and find yourself a better date. Yes, there are plenty of fish out there and dump your bad fish. I’m lucky because I’m not in a bad relationship but if I were in a bad relationship, I would let it go. I have no problem letting go of bad relationship and that’s why I have no relationship since so many of mine were so bad.


Cigarettes are a silent killer. You can go broke trying to fix your health if you smoke. You can spend so much buying cigarettes and then some more trying to fix your cancer later on. You will save at least $300 a month if you quit smoking and $300k a year if you don’t have to fix your cancer problem. You will look younger and feel younger too. You won’t end up with yellow teeth or bad breath which will cost you another $ 300 a month trying to get white teeth and clean fresh breath. You will save yourself about $300k a year from hospital bills when you reach 50 years old. This sounds like a good saving.

Old phone

The phone where you can’t play videos or music, it’s time to get a free Iphone. You can do so much with an Iphone. You need to update yourself as the New Year comes. Old phone are bad sometimes, people look at you funny if your phone is too small, cause Iphone is big nowadays. You will save so much time and energy with all the apps on your phone.

VHS player

Nobody use tapes anymore except your granny but soon she will have no vhs to buy because they don’t do those anymore. It’s all about cd and dvds nowadays and even online streaming, soon dvd or cd will go out of style and you will have something smaller even. It’s like using pagers and no one uses pagers anymore.

Your old car

Old car cost a lot of money to get fix up. They will break down on you in the middle of the road. They will be just as costly as getting a new car or paying for a lease monthly. You deserve a new car that is in style. If you travel often, you can’t afford to have an old car that break down daily and they will. This is no way to drive a hot chic on a date. It will cost you just as much fixing your cars anyways, so why not flash away in a newer car.


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