Is Ebay as Good as The Old Days

Is Ebay as good as it use to be? Ebay is really doing worse than many years before and due to the poor economy, many people aren’t wiling to paying $12 shipping fees for something they can get down the street at their mall. They will save more money that way, unless they’re Paris Hilton who can ship everything. I’ve been trying to get rid of some stuff on Ebay and I saw major differences that could hinder business for sellers and buyers. Ebay has changed a whole lot with a new CEO, and maybe for the better or for the worst. It will depend on your selling or buying status.

I saw many changes in interface, policy, legal, and worst of all fees. The fees have strike up a bit and Paypal also tighten up their rules now. It looks impossible for anyone to sell a scam on Ebay or Paypal nowadays. It’s impossible and I think that’s a good thing but also bad if they freeze your paypal account and you have $5000 in there and they’re well known for doing that. Paypal has gotten stricter as we are talking. I don’t think I like the new Ebay and the new Paypal. Paypal still is a terrifying service even if they try to be better at it. They still bully people a lot by freezing their account and leave it there.

I think the fees at Ebay nowadays will send a lot of people away from it. You have to pay 10% of your sales to them including shipping price, which is ridiculous, because you need that money for shipping merchandise. I wouldn’t want to pay 10% commission to them. When you work in commission at most place, you only get around 4%, so 10% is too much and they’re just getting richer as we’re talking. I wouldn’t be able to pay them that much. I rather keep my merchandise or sell them on Craigslist for no fees. I think Ebay is a ripoff nowadays.

Nowadays, Paypal will hold your money up to 21 days after you ship the items in order for you to get your money out. You have to enter a tracking number, but you won’t get your money until they confirm delivery which is about 10 days after you ship it out. Yes, you have to pay upfront for your shipping fees and then they will let you have your money but even then you’re not even sure if you will get it. They only protect buyers but not sellers on here. Ebay and Paypal are terrifying services. In this economy, nobody is buying anything anymore. Now is not a good time to sell or buy on Ebay.

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