5 Cool Things to do While You’re in Vegas

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You haven’t experience Vegas if you haven’t gone clubbing here. We have millions of hot and upscale nightclub. You have to party here and club here. You will have a great time and I think the nightclubs here are so up there that you can’t compare it with clubs in other cities. We’re the capital the entertainment for a reason. You get loud, good music with good dj, hot waitress and cool people. It’s an environment that other cities can’t beat us.


Vegas is the dining capital of the world. They got some of the best chef here in Vegas and you have to dine their finest dishes. Everywhere you go in Vegas, you will be present with fine dining or at least buffet. It’s affordable and it’s worth your money. You can’t leave Vegas without trying out the best buffet in Vegas and that would be at Bellagio. The buffet here in Vegas has food from almost every culture so you won’t miss out on anything. For under $20, you can indulge yourself in as much good food as possible.

See shows

Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. You have to at least see Phantom of the Opera or cirque solei. You haven’t experience Vegas if you haven’t seen these shows yet. They’re affordable and well worth your time. This is great for a date or with your family. Even street shows are worth while. You get to see the Pirates show in front of Treasure Island or the water fountain show in front of Bellagio. You get to see fireworks if you’re here on Fourth of July or the New Year. The New Year is the best deal here in Vegas. You can’t ask for more, fireworks, and shows everywhere and it’s just fantastic. If you love fights, then Mandalay Bay has UFC all the time there, you can knock yourself out with fights in Vegas. Concerts are cool too. Your favorite band is sure to be around most of the time, make sure to check out there calendar so you can catch them in Vegas.

Play games

If you love gambling, there are many games to entertain you but don’t lose too much at the table either. It’s easier to lose than to win. If you want to win, you have to know the game really well or just watch. Black jack is the easiest game to win or at least you won’t lose that much if you know the game well enough and black jack is not hard. Play the slot if you need to in order to keep the money safe in your pocket. It’s fun to go bowling or go to Circus Circus and win your date a teddy bear. Playing games will keep your vacation alive as well as your relationship.

Eiffel tower dinner

Isn’t it romantic to dine out on top of the greatest city in the world? You will get to see everything here. You will get to see the entire city. If you have the chance, you should book in advance for a chance to dine at Eiffel tower. Paris is here in Vegas. Paris casino is actually one of the most romantically decorated casinos out there. It’s romantic and it’s just a turn on to stay here.


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