Let Your Children Be Hyper.

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You’re locked in a cage. The color is being drained from your skin and you’re body begins to freeze. Imagination being sucked out of your mind and the ability to jump around is gone. You look up and all you see is….boring.  All you see is boring. You can’t jump up and down, and you do everything like a robot. Pure torture, right? Then why are we doing the same to our own kids?
“Stop Running around!”  “Quiet down!”  “Oh my goodness, how much juice did you drink?” is what you hear parents yelling around in the house at their little children. Sometimes I even walk in a home, and the kids are sitting awkwardly in the corner staring in to space.  Sometimes you wonder if they’re going to be like that for the rest of their life. I can’t even force myself to think about that.

When I walk in to my home, I find my brother  throwing the ball in the middle of the living room and screaming. What my family does, is that we tell my brothers  to go play in our finished basement and scream and yell all they want. That’s the thing, you need to let the kids be hyperactive. If you want to give them freedom but don’t want them to wreck your living room,  make a playroom for them, where that’s the room where they can play all they want.  Let them scream, jump and play. Don’t make them sit in a corner all alone, not playing with the other kids who are jumping up and down, because he or she is trying to obey “Mommy’s rules.” You really want to do that to your child? I’m not even a mother and I know that is something you picked up from “An Idiots Guide to Children” or “Let’s make sure you child has no friends!” books. You need to give them a room where they could “express themselves” in any sort of way.
“I blame the juice.” What are you, some 5 year old that’s blaming his/her sister for something?  No. You’re a grown up parent, and you’re not going to blame some drink infused with sugar and food coloring for your child’s hyperness.  Let’s see you give your child some natural wheat grass drink. I hope you enjoy cleaning up the throw up. Yes, the drink does make your child a little more hyper, but it’s also about the child’s nature. Children are born with this natural instinct to explore, to run around and experience new things. They have the need to run around and act crazy. When they see a bed, they don’t see a place where you sleep, they see a huge trampoline. When children see something, they’re mind interprets something completely different from their eyes. When a child see’s juice. They don’t see this bright colored drink. They see this heavenly drink as a gift from the gods. Now let me ask you something, if YOU saw something that to you looked like a drink from the gods, wouldn’t you drink as much of it as you can get?
Now after all this “Let your child be hyper” and “Give them freedom” stuff I’m going to tell you something you didn’t think I would say. There has to be a limit on your child’s hyperactivity. That’s right, You thought I was telling you to let your child destroy your home? If you were thinking that then who do you think I am some mental person? I might as well make the title “Let your kids destroy everything!” I’m saying you have to let them be hyper when they want to be, but don’t let them run around naked in the whole house singing Eminem’s Lose yourself. Let them drink juice and get a little jumpy. Let them throw the ball, around the house and dance in their diapers. Let them be the Tommy, Phil, Lil, Chuckie, and Angelica of our generation. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


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