Brain Drain in India- Needs Attention!!

Students fail to get very good opportunities and exposure in which Europe and U.S.A. abounds. Although, they do get good opportunities but the main conundrum revolves around the ‘exorbitant packages’ that they get with lesser efforts outside. Who doesn’t want a luxurious life today?? Everyone searches for jobs that prove to be less stressful and more money paying. This leads to migration of highly qualified and high percentage scorers of India to go and study abroad to earn more and more.

Nevertheless, India is still very rich in skilful and talented young minds who has always made India proud and wish they continue to. India is ranked very high in fields of science and mathematics. This problem of brain drain still continues but India is trying hard to abate it by building high platforms and giving Indians better opportunities.

This issue is not being given the great attention it actually requires. India is losing the great literatis, mathematicians and losing intelligentsia. This is very much an irreparable loss and needs to be tackled carefully and urgently. The country is getting cautionary calls to meet the basic issue of the problem concerning ‘brain drain’. 

The fault is not in the students who want to earn and use every opportunity that they can because they usually donot get much in India and thus have a desire to use it to the fullest and we whole heartedly salute to these diligent and pain-staking Indians. So, the fault lies within the system.. within the country..

Now discussing the faulta and loopholes we students have. It’s been ages since we Indians know the fact that India needs its students to help it in ameliorating the conditions. If we only leave our country with the sole motive of earning and availing every single opportunity then one should not hesitate to call us ‘self-centred’ or ‘traitors'(not going with the literal meaning). It might sound as a cliche but it is true that “we want a change but we do not want to be the change’.. We very much want India to improve but we will not make any attempt.

Therefore, we must strive very very hard to bring about this positive change and help India in every possible way. 

Every country has a problem, right? And every country has the ability to find out the best solution for it. So will we Indians! 

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