Asthma In Teens And Adults

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At the age of adolescence and adulthood, the founders of the stimulation of asthma is rarely just caused by only one factor alone. Although the immediate hypersensitivity reaction occurs is the main factor of 1/3 especially part plays a role in viral infections exacerbate the situation. Likewise an allergy it participated also acts as a factor in asthma, originator of the adult is mainly for people who have balkat descendants. Penginduksi other factors for asthma include adult body motion of cool air, contacts or other irritants such as smoke material, dew, and aerosols, aspirin intolerance (or other drugs anti-inflammatories nonsteroid) and left factor of emotions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a number of episodes asmatik arising as a whole cannot be linked clearly to which factor.
There are several types of asthma in teens and adults the following several kinds of asthma in teens and adults.
a. Asthma inactive
Asthma sufferers on an adult or adolescent asthma history that is marked with faint. Conditions often do not show symptoms of asthma and when checked faru-farunya was found to function normally. Likewise when examined blood gas arterinya normal.
b. Mild Asthma
Mild asthma sufferers experience asthma attacks is less than 2 episodes of asthma per month. Symptoms not crippling and easily restored with aerosol bronchodilator.
c. Asthma is
Asthma sufferers experience asthma attacks are nearly every week. The nature of his attack settled until many hours in a few days. The symptoms are chronic and disturb everyday life.
d. Severe Asthma
Asthma sufferers experience symptoms of heavy daily attack, suffering from asthma is continuous, and the pattern of their daily lives to decline very clearly. People with severe asthma are always accompanied by pulmonary function is abnormal. This type of asthma requires long-term therapy, for weeks, even months.
e. Status of asmatikus
Patients who experience severe asthma asmatikus status on a daily basis, constantly, and have difficulty breathing significantly.The response to treatment carried out took place only gradually. Lung function of disturbed so that sufferers often are not capable of undergoing the treatment carried out by the hospital. At this level, blood gas status shows on the State of experiencing lack of oxygen, acids, and an increase in C02 levels in the blood is sharp.
A variety of modern medicine (synthetic) has been available in a multitude of options for any type of asthma therapy. Including here metilkansantin, agonis (contrarian) adrenerik, disodium kromoglikat, kolinergik, glucocorticoids, contrarian brominated (blocker), adrenergic, and other drugs which do not fall into the above classification.


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