The Decision Makers

The Decision Makers——A hypothetical concept

Out of the trio: The heart, mind and conscience only the first two have the legal evidence of their existence. The third one– conscience does not exist as per the court of law but is believed to exist by most of the humans. It also has synonyms like soul, God, superpower etc whatever you may call. It is a faith on which you thrive upon as a last resort when everything else fails. We as Indians rely more on it primarily due to our culture, less faith on present political, administrative and socio economic system. Whatever decisions we take are governed by these.

 If you were to get a driving licence made for a four wheeler there are two ways to obtain it in our country. The first is the correct way by giving a driving test after going to the RTO office and the second by paying a lump sum amount to the agent for doing all the formalities of running around in order to save time, money, effort, harassment and be comfortable. You are well aware in your heart of hearts that if you adopt the first method you have to undergo all the rut involved in the commutation in addition to the time you will waste in giving the tests as per convenience of the RTO and not yours which in the end may land you up spending more than what you pay to the agent.

Which method will you adopt? What does your inner self say?

 It will definitely not favour the second one in your first thought. You will feel much happier if you decide to go with the first option and get your work done. We have become so used to this fact in our daily lives that we have started following the easy way out, the second option, not understanding its ramifications in the long run which has now started to rebound back on us.

 Everyone is short of time in today’s fast life. If you ask 10 people, 9 out of them will advice you the second way. The inner self which clearly tells you that option one is right and the second is wrong is the conscience. Advice to execute the easier option is the work of your heart. It has emotions and follows the line of least resistance demands anything whether practicable or not (Dil to pagal hai). It does not bother much about right or wrong. But if it is listened to it makes every organ of yours happy as it pumps in more blood to them. All actions requiring pleasure require more blood so heart’s desire cannot be ignored totally. There would be no colour in our life if the needs of the heart are not fulfilled. You cannot have a bitter gourd everyday. The right balance has thus to be maintained.

 The work of the mind is to calculate the various options after analysing the inputs fed to it so that all three can decide collectively which option has to be finally selected. There is one more ingradient involved in taking the final decision which ultimately decides how much importance has to be given to the viewpoint of each of these three.

 Every problem has a varying mix of proportions of the advice of all the three which are deeply interconnected and cannot function independently for a correct decision to arrive at. Whether 40% weightage is to be given to conscience, 35% to mind and 25% to heart or any other combination making a total of 100% has to be decided by some one which is the intelligence or Wisdom. This ultimately rules all three of them. It increases with experience hence is better in aged persons.

 What if the heart and the mind get together and do not listen to the conscience? This is possible for a short period only as in absence of demarcation of right and wrong the world will perish in no time.

 What if the conscience and heart get together? But who will then plan and analyse the problems. Decisions to be taken will pile up and nothing will move.

 What if the mind and the conscience get together and do not care for heart. There would be no fun in this world, no happiness, no love and the life would be colourless.

 The right mix of all the three is thus required under any circumstances for the mankind to exist peacefully.

 So whenever a decision has to be arrived at and there is none available to guide correctly hold a conference of your heart mind and conscience to arrive at the solution with concurrence of your wisdom. It will be the most optimal one for which you will not repent and feel proud of taking the same.

 More the weightage given to the conscience, healthier the world would be.

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