Got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Luster Lotion Product Review

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The beast of frizz attacks my hair daily so I am always looking for new hair products that take the frizzies out of my hair. Got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion does just that. Even on days when the humidity is high, this product takes the frizz from your hair.

I recently received a sample of Got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion in the mail and since my hair is very frizzy, I was anxious to see if this product met my expectations and needs. What I first noticed about this lotion was the fresh, clean scent. There is not an overwhelming perfumed aroma. The scent reminds me of healthy vitamins. The scent also carries a light fresh and uplifting aroma of cleanness. What you get with got2b smooth operator smoothing luster lotion is a gentle and balanced clean feeling to your hair with lots of shine on every strand of hair.

I finished shampooing my hair as usual and applied a quarter size dallop of luster lotion into the palm of my hand and distributed the product through my damp hair. I combed the luster lotion through my hair and was instantly surprised and delighted with this product. Every strand had that squeak of being extra clean. I began drying my hair with a hair dryer and when my hair was dried, I could not believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror at my hair. Usually after I dried my hair, I looked like I had stuck my finger in a socket and my hair would have so many frizzy fly a ways. This smoothing luster lotion left my hair soft and had a sexy shine and no frizz anywhere. Each strand of hair felt soft as silk. Even when the humidity is high, my hair is full of softness and no frizz.

The got2b smooth operator smoothing luster lotion comes in a plastic 3 fluid ounce bottle with a push down tab to extract the product from the bottle. The lotion itself is a luscious creamy white color and looks just like whipped cream in your hands. The luster lotion does not have a thick consistency to it. It has a rich and creamy smooth texture and when you rub the product in the palm of your hands you can feel just how soft and sexy every strand of hair will be. I loveGot2b Smoothing Lustre Lotion for many reasons and one is because of the way my hair has no more frizzies and the fly-a ways are tamed down quite a lot. This lotion also protects hair from styling with heat and contains a UV protectant. Got2b smooth operator smoothing luster lotion smells great and gently applies to each strand of your hair leaving a lustrous and sexy shine and does not weigh your hair down. This lotion leaves my hair amazingly soft and shiny. I highly recommend this product for anyone that has frizzy hair and uncontrollable fly-aways.

I give Got2b smooth operator smoothing luster lotion 5 gold stars for a really amazing hair product that does control frizzies.


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