Maintaining Mental Health And Manage Stress (Part Two)

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7. Always optimistic and rejoice. Not just positive impact for the soul, but rather rejoice also carries the impact of physical health as flavor for real joy will lower hormone-negative hormones like adrenaline, dopamine, and a stimulating work heart ATCH and digestion. Meanwhile, interferon gamma (IFN) is raised. The ride will increase the IFN also T cells and B cells that function as defense cells of the body. If the cell defense body increases, the body became more healthy! In fact, the body would be more easily spared from the onslaught of cancer because it turns out that according to one study, the driving factor in the occurrence of cancer is STRESSFUL!
8. Practice to love to appease others. Under no circumstances, illness/sad/happy, we still can appease the others in the benruk-the simplest form, like to thank you, sincerely yours, member of alms, the smile to others, speak soft words, helping people who fall, congratulated members happy when someone else or to pronounce historical condolences on the death of her relatives. To appease the others, our mental health will be a lot better because we will be happy.
9. Practice of relaxation to relieve tension and relax the tension of the muscles. Be with aromatic therapy, soaking, or meditation. There is also a relaxation of the mind’s style of t. lobsang from Tibet. Relaxation is very useful to refresh your mind and muscles that had tired of a long day of work. Do as follows.
Lying on the floor is flat. Both of our hands is located next to the body and also touch the floor. Kau eyes, then pull and exhale smoothly as possible through the nostrils. After some time the breath, begins to imagine yourself being floated to the brink of fall. Imagine yourself hovering in a wind chill of complete surrender to total penetrate the abyss … until then base your body feels in touch base ravine and … pieces. Pull and exhale you back a few times, then began to imagine that your whole body is driven by thousands of dwarves that work together. Start (while continuing to close my eyes) ordered that the dwarf-dwarves who worked on the head down from the head so that your head really feels light and relaxed. Then, you switch to the dwarves that work ordered in your body from the neck to the waist down and rest work so your body feels relaxed, relaxed, and light. Try to keep up the muscles of the head and the body feels slack at all. After a while, change the dwarf who work around your feet is commanded down and stop working. While continuing to organize the breath, feeling that Kung may rest your legs feel light, relax, and lost ketegangannya. Lastly, the dwarf-dwarves who have worked in the hands (from the Palm to the shoulder) to come down and stopped working a while. Taste your hand into a mild, lightly, and not tense. When you’re finished shutting down the entire body, set up a couple of minutes longer breath. Then, open the eyes of amda slowly. Your body has now refreshed, relaxed, and ready to work again. !


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