Maintaining Mental Health And Manage Stress

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“In a healthy body is the soul of the powerful”. It used to be. Now that more precise is “within the SOUL there is a STRONG HEALTHY BODY”. Therefore, let’s take care of mental health as intangible assets ourselves. The trick is as follows.
a. listen to radio traffic reports to select the path.
b. set off at least one hour early if travel far distances. Fear will increase the stress you are late.
1. loosen the grip hand on the wheel and take a deep breath (but make sure not to Worship according to religion and belief are embraced.
2. Have a hobby or a positive pleasure. Do not underestimate it. A good hobby, such as maintaining a bonsai plant, fish, treat, or cats and dogs will help mental health because we feel elated and happy. In addition, a hobby can to release kategangan or stress due to work everyday.
3. the obnoxious Tricks face jammed in the following manner.
c. Before berangkatmenghirup Street pollution. Therefore, close the meeting window and use the AC if it wants to draw a deep breath).
d. If traveled far, change of AC with fresh air by opening a glass case. AIR CONDITIONING is constantly making the air in the car too unhealthy.
e. Don’t think negative things that add to the stress.
f. With talk shows or mild songs to accompany You on the go.
4. Channel immediately stress that high of a job. To companies that have a special line of work with a high level of stress, for example the ceramic or metal polishing tool, we recommend that you have a room sanitary or contracting tools, such as employee stress table pimpong, pool tables, a doll at, or the space sing and shout. For if not, sorry …. employees working in these areas could be at risk of depression.
5. Have a close friend. A close friend of serve to place poured your heart and play together. Also a lot of hanging out with good people.
6. being able to manage (not eliminate) stress, keeping in mind that:
a. Sres actually is a faithful companion of us because there is always some stress in our lives. Than dimusuhi, it is better we accept as our best friend.
b. living up to that which makes life more life is stressful.
c. Think proportionally. Often we think beyond the capacity of the work and the Office of the us. This can cause stress.
d. do not need to be too sad if experiencing stress. Often times, we experience the deep sadness and protracted because of the sad, as it gets in trouble. Remember, deep sadness will take us on depression. Mild depression will be heavy. If depression has become heavy, another step we might be crackpot. If it’s been crazy, only God is able to cure it.


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