Label Design: 5 Easy to Commit Mistakes

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There are five easy to commit mistakes in designing labels for professional goals. Even some bigwig designers often commit these in their custom labels simply because of complacency or forgetfulness. If you do not want any mistakes in your own labels though, it would be a good idea to actually learn about them.
In this special custom label printing guide, we will discuss these common and easy to commit mistakes in designing address labels, sticky labels and other similar labels. Knowing these common mistakes makes you aware of them. Aware enough hopefully to avoid them if they ever arise in your own printed labels.
1. Using the low-res version of the logo – It can be tempting for a designer to just get the first great clip-art images and graphics that they get from free libraries in their design applications, or indeed through the Internet. Unfortunately, while those may look kind of great on screen, these people do not realize that those images are low resolution versions of original image files. If you directly use the low res version of the logo, you will be committing a major mistake.
This is because custom printed labels need high resolution graphics to get sharp and defined results on print. Otherwise, you won’t get the key impressive details of those images, making those return address labels or product labels look cheap. Now that you know this, you should be thinking twice of merely inserting images or clip-arts from the Internet. Get the higher resolution original sources for your images if possible.
2. Hard to understand text fonts – It is a big mistake in custom label printing to use hard to understand text fonts. Yet many newcomers still succumb to temptation because it is indeed fun for one to use those creative style fonts, especially those web 2.0 ones so popular with color labels. Try to resist going for those hard to understand intricate fonts though, as those are the ones that will not communicate the label message well. You will want to always have clear easily visible headlines to make those custom labels work effectively.
3. Not considering the environment of the label – Some designers make the mistake in concentrating ONLY in the design of the label itself, but not considering the possible environments the labels will be placed in. For example, you might have printed a white return address label design and will be putting it in white envelopes or other white materials. If you do this, the label might be less visible and less understandable for others to the detriment of your custom labels themselves.
Try to avoid this by always deciding first where you want your labels to be. Once you have key distribution goals for your labels, you will know what exactly to consider in the design to make them pop in those deployment environments.
4. Missing the color harmony – Those newcomer designers can also commit the gross mistake of missing the proper color harmony for those labels. Mixing and matching colors is a matter of taste and eye for beauty really. Some designers though are just best on creating a design that is loud and visible. The best way to make a highly visible but harmonious color scheme for custom labels is to just use color matching software. There are some of these easily available online. Use them to help you pick the best and most harmonious color schemes for your labels.
5. Plain boring backgrounds – It is also a big mistake to use plain and boring backgrounds. A plain colored background might be decent in past label printing, but today, you will need to deliver gradient colors and textured background prints to impress your readers long enough for them to appreciate your labels. So avoid using plain and boring backgrounds whenever possible.
With knowledge of these easy to commit mistakes in label design, it should be a lot easier to avoid and not be tempted to commit them. Just review the list every so often, to make sure you remember what you have to watch out for.


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