What is Mesothelioma? Is it a Type of Cancer?

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Mesothelioma is a cancerous affliction. It is primarily of three types, pleural, peritoneal and pericardial. Like every form of malignant cancer, the overall cost of its treatment may be huge. A person may be required to spend thousands of dollars each month. The cost of treatment of the disease depends upon many factors, i.e., age, side effects of the treatment, the effects of the treatment on the overall health and the chances of survival, as well as the stage and gravity of affliction and the organs over which it has spread. Then a variety of treatments are required to attack the malady.

Radiation therapy is used to attack the tumors with high-powered radiation, which is produced by certain radiation emitting materials or machines. Surgery is used to remove the afflicted organ or its part and chemotherapy is used to kill the cancer cells by injecting medicines intravenously into the afflicted areas. Sometimes, a combination of two or more therapies becomes necessary to cope with the disease. There are other treatment procedures, including thoracentesis and paracentesis, which take out the fluid from the chest and the abdomen.

The important point to note, however, is that individuals often contract the disease due to the willful negligence of an employer, who often knows full well the impact of continuous exposure of asbestos dust and flakes on the worker’s health, yet does not issue the necessary warning before offering employment or take adequate preventive measures; as such, employers are often liable for stringent punishment. So the responsibility of bearing the cost of treatment in addition to the punitive damages and the loss of wages lies squarely with the employer. The best course for a patient should be to consult a lawyer immediately after being diagnosed as suffering from mesothelioma. As a specialist and an experienced lawyer, the attorney has a fairly good idea of the cost of treatment, as he may have already dealt with many similar cases. These costs therefore can be recovered easily from the employer.

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