Tips For Planning A Botanical Garden Wedding

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Botanical gardens offer the opportunity to share wedding vows in a beautiful, natural setting that is as pleasing to the bride and groom as it is to the guests. Because most weddings in natural places like botanical gardens, Japanese gardens, rose gardens, arboretum’s and even state and country parks occur outdoors, forethought is required to ensure they go off without trouble.

Adjust Florist Orders to Take Advantage of Garden Color at the Botanical Garden Wedding

A botanical garden wedding often can eliminate or reduce the number of flowers ordered at the florist by taking advantage of the blooms naturally found in the garden. Before planning the botanical garden wedding, check what colors are in bloom in the area where the wedding is held.  Don’t plan a color that clashes.

Great Botanical Garden Wedding Idea: Select simple wildflower bouquets for the bride and attendants’ and a variety of colors for the boutonnieres for the ushers and groom. Potted flowers and/or vases of wildflowers can spruce up a late spring or sparse autumn wedding.

Think Ahead About Poor Weather Conditions at the Botanical Garden Wedding

Nothing will spoil a botanical garden wedding quicker than poor weather. Plan ahead to have a covered tent available for guests on site.

A portable trellis with a roof can ensure the bride, groom and minister or judge is also protected. Decorate the trellis in a similar fashion as in the below section on decorative statements. Silk flowers can be purchased to match the bride’s bouquet and then woven into the trellis.

Party Rental Stores often can supply both the day of the wedding.

Attractive Low Light Solutions for Your Botanical Garden Wedding

Make inexpensive garden lights by buying white paper lunch sacks and cutting two holes in them. Buy paper doilies and glue these over the holes to provide a decorative shadow and more attractive look. Put a scoop of sand in the bottom of the bag, along with a small candle. Glue glitter in the wedding colors and add a bow in wedding colors to provide a more colorful look. Assign someone to set out the candles to line the paths on which the wedding party will walk.

An alternative solution would be to buy a set of Frisbees in colors that match the wedding colors. Fill the Frisbees with water and allow a floating candle and a few blooms to float on top.

Provide Parasols to Match the Wedding Color and Style to Provide Shade in Sunny Locales

Check with a rental place for outdoor umbrellas for rent, or set up inexpensive umbrellas hung from a double line around two main trees or posts.  Be sure that they sit high enough to keep the guests from bumping heads.

Balloons Can Make a Cheery Casual Look

Tie balloons filled with helium to the outside chairs set out for guests. Balloons in primary colors will be less formal then balloons in pastel colors. Balloons in deep colors may look more regal and add color in an arboretum. Be sure to fill the balloons at home and assign some tot deliver them to the wedding.

Make Decorative Statements About the Bride and Groom’s Interests

Bird houses filled with bird seed can invite nature to celebrate the wedding along with the bride and groom and guests. Decorate the bird houses in colors that match the wedding colors. Add scalloped decorations to the roof to make it look Victorian. To make the bird houses look ultra modern, use aluminum to give it the metallic look. For a natural look, make the bird houses from gourds and tie with a bow matching the wedding colors. Be sure to assign someone to the task of setting them up, filling them with seed and then handing them to guests as souvenirs or packing them up to take home.

Alternatively, butterfly stakes or tulip stakes can provide a decorative touch that matches the botanical garden and make the wedding look special. Alternatively, sports minded folks can add football memorabilia, a phonograph set on a table can add a 60’s look.

Botanical Garden Weddings are A Great Way to Do Public Service Collecting Food Drive Cans

For a couple that is nonprofit service minded, a simple line on the invitation inviting guests to contributed a can of food for a food drive can result in helping others. It will also provide a good example for any garden dweller that encounters

Assign Several Wedding Helpers to Set Up and Stack Chairs

Weddings held in botanical gardens often make available chairs for guests, but make sure someone is assigned to set them up and stack them after the wedding.

Great Botanical Garden Wedding Idea: order bows or ribbons and signs in a coordinated color to inform other garden visitors that seats are reserved, to block off traffic from entering the wedding area during the ceremony, and to direct guests to the wedding location. Be sure to assign someone the task of setting this up. Often Florists can provide ribbons.

Think Guest Book and Bird Seed for a Botanical Garden Wedding

A folding camp table with a plastic table cloth can provide an easily mobile place for the guests to sign in at the wedding. Enlist a friend to greet guests, bring the table and table cloth, several pens and the guest book early. Another friend or two can offer guests small packets of bird seed—be sure to have garbage bags to dispose of the wrapping on hand.

Final Thoughts About Botanical Garden Weddings

Keep it simple, natural, and easily portable should be the motto for a botanical wedding. Don’t forget to allow enough time for set up, inform guests how long it takes to get to the wedding site, and assign many people to help with the added tasks involved in a botanical garden wedding.


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