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Being a Blogger
Many people try to enter the world of internet as publishers not only viewers . The easiest way and sometimes the most successful is blogging.
you don’t have to spend a decent, you don’t have to be professional with programming languages , only what you have to have is your goal for being a blogger.
Some people decide to start bloggers for making money, sorry for saying ( some ) but most of bloggers decided to do this for making money online.
Others consider it as a habit or share his diaries with his family , friends , cousins . . . etc.
Whatever Your goal , welcome in the world of publishers, now you can write your thoughts, diaries, advices and everything you can imagine , not only this but also you can put your pic. and be famous 🙂
open ,log in with your gmail .
Then continue following the instructions and choose your template.
blogging is included in some few sections:
1- Design
2- control and edit
3- writing (the most important)
I don’t think it’s the time to waste our time in using blogger and the design in general however, if you really want to know more about blogger please let a comment to inform me.
I can recommend some softwares that may be a breakthrough for you but till now i consider them as my small secret . 🙂
Actually I prefer pointing to what will be usefull in our field.
In designing your blog try to think about just one thing :  Consider your self as an advertiser , would you be satisfied if google put your ad
(  and you pay money for this ) in a site like yours?     
Try to make your blog looks professional and simple don’t waste your time in flashs and videos that will not make any use for us.
Another thing not to waste your time in thinking and create the design ,find another blog that you like its design and try to make one like it.
Also, you can install blogger templates it’s free and very nice to use.

You are professional writer!!
Yes you may be .. !! you didn’t try to write a topic with your technique and read it again or let your girlfriend read what you wrote.
you can write as you speak , beleive me this is the most successful way to be good writer.
Anyway, I was telling all of this only to persuade you Don’t COPY and PASTE .
Actually I meant every word i said concerning to being good writer but remember if you copy and paste , then you are not working , you are playing and there is no one can make money for playing ( except football players . . ) .
Copy and pasting your content is a NO NO especially if you intend to Join adsense, the most important thing you have to hear now and then : Content is the king .
Make your high quality articles, arrange them , review and here we go.



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