Best Wishes For 2012 From Your Pediatric Dentist Fort Collins Practice

Wow, the bigger they get, the quicker they go. That’s true for both years and kids! It’s a bit of a tradition now, but some parents like an annual check up at Big Grins, and I hope you do too.

First, my staff and I are very grateful for your continued support this past year. Looking back, we were pleasantly surprised to see that we had far more new patient households start with us this year than ever before. We owe that to you for sending your neighbors and friends our way. In turn, that permits us to do much less advertising and more work with schools, teams and different groups. Watch out next winter break for our second annual (better publicized) Lego competition!

We added several new procedures this year. We are supplying minimal sedation (oral medication) far more regularly now. We also offer something called ICON, a resin that flows into front teeth white spots damaged by poor hygiene during wearing braces. I wrote a weblog on that a couple of months ago. I also wrote one recently on tips on how to choose an orthodontist, or Pediatric Dentist Fort Collins; with 14 in town it’s getting crazy. In case you like that kind of dental commentary, it’s at: pediatricdentistryfortcollinsdotcom.

Talking about internet stuff, we are also on Facebook. I don’t know if you find this a enjoyable service or maybe a opportunity to procrastinate. I’m leaning towards the latter, we’ll see!

Quite a few of you realize we do a bit of charity work. We had an awesome Project Smile fundraiser between Dr. Owen’s office and ours, and now our own Jill Pfankuch is the emergency patient liaison between PSD and Project Smile. Lori Heutzenroeder, our office manager, received a “Woman of Vision” award this year for her work with our North Beach clinic and at-risk youngsters. We are all really proud of her hard work. Other highlights included things like a grant award, pairing our workplace with the with the rural wellness center of Yuma, CO. We traveled there for three days of dentistry at the 5th St Church in 2011. Now, the rural wellness center will use added grant money to set up a dental area within the neighborhood, now vacant hospital. That’s the power of passion along with a few hard working ladies. No gear schlepping!

A great deal of households had difficulties in 2011. We were glad to help where we could, and I hope 2012 brings extra prosperity for everyone. Overall, 2011 was a whole lot of fun at Big Grins, your Pediatric Dentist Fort Collins. I hope your kids said the same thing. As always, please feel free to call me about your dental questions or problems. Thank you for making this much more than a job. It signifies a great deal to my staff and I that we can take part in helping you raise healthy, content children. Enough said!

Yours truly,

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