Apply for a Government Job in the Barack Obama Administration

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Obama-main_Full.jpgGovernment jobs abound! The jobs are varied, and they aren’t just in Washington DC. Currently 39,500 positions are waiting to be filled.

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The United States Office of Personnel Management currently has 39,500 open government jobs. These jobs range from physicians, to internet technology professionals, to cemetery caretakers.

The jobs are so diverse that you have the opportunity to think about your transferable skills, and try something new.

govjob_Thumb.jpg Click, “Get Started”.

From there you can set up your account, search jobs by keyword or location, and learn about government hiring practices. The site also has a Career Interest Center and information on job trends.

The process to develop your online resume is extensive, but in the end, you have an exceptionally good, highly detailed resume put together.

Visit the site frequently, and experiment with different search criteria. You may also set up a profile and have job openings emailed to you, based on your search criteria.

The search engine on the website needs updates. It may be helpful to search by location.


  1. Be sure to reference the “Job Announcement Number” on all correspondence.
  2. Weed out the only for positions that are not a strong fit, and apply only for those where you believe your skills are a solid match.
  3. Review the “Duties” tab to ensure that the responsibilities that come with the job are things you can truly see yourself doing every day.
  4. Review the “Qualifications” tab carefully. Some of the positions require a military background or a specific level of education.
  5. Check out the “Benefits” tab. Compensation is competitive, and the benefits package is amazing.

Happy hunting!


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