Sandstorm Gold Acquires a Gold Stream on The Xstrata Operated Bracemac-Mcleod Property

(“Sandstorm Metals & Energy”) to acquire an amount of gold and gold equivalent based on production at the Bracemac-McLeod development property located in Matagami, Quebec (the “Bracemac-McLeod Property”) and operated by Xstrata Canada Corporation (“Xstrata”). Donner is the owner of a 35% joint venture interest in the Bracemac-McLeod Property.

Sandstorm Gold has agreed to purchase an amount of gold and gold equivalent equal to 17.5% of the production from the Xstrata operated Bracemac-McLeod Property. Pursuant to the Agreement, Sandstorm Gold will make an upfront cash payment to Donner of US$5 million (the “Upfront Deposit”) on June 30, 2012.

Sandstorm Gold will make ongoing per ounce payments equal to the lesser of US$350 per ounce of gold or gold equivalent and the then prevailing market price of gold (the “Per Ounce Payments”). Donner will have the option, for a period of 24 months, to repurchase up to 50% of the Agreement by making a US$3.5 million payment to Sandstorm Gold whereupon the percentage of gold and gold equivalent that Sandstorm Gold is entitled to purchase shall be decreased from 17.5% to 8.75%. Aside from the Upfront Deposit and Per Ounce Payments, Sandstorm Gold is not required to contribute to any capital, exploration or operating expenditures in respect to the Bracemac-McLeod Property. Sandstorm Gold has received a guarantee that the Corporation will receive minimum before tax cash flows of (i) US$0.8 million in 2013, (ii) US$1.4 million in 2014, (iii) US$1.4 million in 2015, and (iv) US$1.4 million in 2016, thus providing a 100% return of capital within approximately five years.

“We are pleased to have acquired a gold stream on a strong mine, operated by one of the world’s largest mining companies,” said President & CEO Nolan Watson. “The Donner transaction highlights the financing synergy that we envisioned when Sandstorm Metals & Energy was spun-out from Sandstorm Gold in early 2010.”

Further to a metals purchase agreement with Donner, Sandstorm Metals & Energy has agreed to purchase an amount of copper equal to 17.5% of the copper produced from the Bracemac-McLeod Property, in exchange for making a payment of US$20 million upon the completion by Donner of certain funding conditions, which are expected to be completed in the near future.

For more information see the Sandstorm Metals & Energy press release at

In addition, Sandstorm Gold has entered into a cooperation agreement with Sandstorm Metals & Energy whereby the two companies, where applicable, will work together to complete metal streaming transactions and share joint operating expenses.

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