Ageless And Healthy With The Proper Foods

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Healthy food is not only prevent a wide range of dangerous diseases, but also create ageless. Here’s some nutritious foods.
1. dark chocolate
Research shows, eating dark chocolate can improve texture and moisture content of skin in just 12 weeks. Chocolate boosts blood flow to the skin and combat radical-radical cause of aging. To obtain these benefits, eating dark chocolate bars 1 3 ½ ounces (with cocoa content of at least 60%) on a daily basis.
2. Apple
An age make lung capacity decreases. As a result, breathing becomes more difficult. In order to make it easier to breathe, eat 2 apples a week. Quercetin in apples seem to go directly to the lung to protect it from damage. In addition, Apple also contains trace element essential boro shows can strengthen bone.
3. Berry Jam
New Zealand researchers report, s oysenberry and elai black currant contain natural compounds that can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Berry was working in the brain cells to deactivate disease-causing signals while amplifies the signals which helps the mind to work in greater good. For maximum efficacy, sell jams made from berry without added sweeteners and often-used to eat.

4. Mushroom
According to recent research, white mushroom buttons easily found on the market containing breast cancer preventive compound. Helps the body to prevent excess estrogen can menstimulir the growth of breast cancer cells. A growing number of eating this fungus, more and more istrogen are inhibited and lowering risk, mushrooms also contain more antioxidants that amplifies many of the immune system called egothio neineine total other makana.
5. red chili
Red chili powder can increase your metabolic rate to more than 0.25%. According to lizabet Lipski, PhD. dala book Digestive Wellness, eat a total of 2 teaspoon per day can make the body membakat more fat and carbohydrates. It also increases the release of brain chemicals that reduce appetite. Chilies contain 6 compounds that fight pain and 7 compounds that can combat the inflammation.

6. Antioxidant

Antioxidant helps the body fight against radical-radical, repairing damages cells that cause premature aging and conditions associated with aging such as age. Cataracts, free radicals are a by-product of metabolism, but can also be caused by pollutants in the environment, smoking, alcohol consumption, and even UV radiation. Some of the causes of this could have been avoided, especially UV radiation.



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