Avoid The Ordeal of Losing Hair

Losing hair is a dreadful physical condition that most dread. If we can still use the word lucky, then women are luckier as you seldom see total baldness as compared to men. Women usually experience a thinning across the entire scalp, while for men the sides and back are thin while the top is completely gone.

40% of women above the age of 60 will have experience some level of hair loss and most will find it difficult to accept this physical defect as seen in the high patronage of costly hair therapy or treatment salons. There are no medical cures out there but there are treatments that can help to defer the onset, slow down the progress, cover it up or restore it or transplant it either through oral, topical and even surgery. All in all, the searches for treatments have led to a substantial growth in the hair product industry.

Women lose hair for various reasons, such as postpartum (after delivering a baby), infection, illness, stress as well as after going through a crash diet. These are usually temporary and hair is restored once the conditions disappear and of course if proper care is taken, restoration would be much faster. Watch the diet to ensure sufficient vegetables and fruits are taken, at least 4-5 servings a day. Basic hair care and hygiene to be observed in this period and best not to change brand of your hair care products. Stick to what has been working well for you to avoid further stressing the hair roots with more chemicals.

If you have tried off the counter drugs to help restore your thinning hair and seems to be on the track of a losing battle, you may to give this natural remedy, an essential oil therapy a chance. Essential oils have a long history, they are nothing new and used widespread across all types of ailments, used as pain relievers, antiseptics and sleeping aids. Essential oil works in reversing and preventing hair loss and it is believed that the oils penetrate easily and diffuse into the hair surface, vibrating and emitting electro-magnetic waves that help to stimulate circulation and improve the nutrition absorption by the hair.

Here is an essential oil treatment that helps to stimulate hair roots and in doing so, promote faster hair growth as well as strengthening it. Mix 2 drops each of thyme and cedar wood essential oils together. Add 3 drops each of lavender and rosemary essential oils. For carrier oil, use 3 ml of jojoba oil and 20 ml of grape seed oil. Blend these together well and massage into your scalp for 2-3 minutes each night before bed. To aid better absorption of oil into the scalp, wrap your head in a warm towel for 15 minutes.

In closing, hair loss is an integral part of aging, something that is unavoidable. What we can do is to practise proper hair care hygiene, eat sensibly to ensure enough proteins and vitamins, use the right hair products so we can delay the onset of hair loss.

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