Google Images: a Treasure House of Traffic

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                                                  Google Images: a treasure house of traffic 

                                       Use Google Images search results to increase traffic

Images and meaningful pictures on web pages deliver more than words and appeal to human senses. This is the reason they are added to articles, write ups and content of websites. But more than simply becoming a feat to eyes these images can work to bring targeted audience to your website. Yes these images and pictures on the websites have huge potential to draw targeted traffic. If properly optimized these images can bring you, your prospective buyers. Google images is a search system where billion of people search for pictures every day.

Now if the images and pictures published on your website are properly optimized they can be cashed and indexed by the search engines. And when people searching for chosen keywords search Google Images they tend to reach your website thereby increasing your traffic and daily hits.  Google Image Bots are spiders which read images and then index them. There is no other way to submit your images to Google except for getting them crawled. To get your images crawled and indexed by Image Bots there are optimization techniques which should be used in the page source. The Image Bots index the images only after going by a number of factors

1.a descriptive name.

2. Compatible image.

3. On Page Optimization.

4. PageRank and backlinks.

5. the relevance of the site.

6. save the image option.

It is of utmost importance to optimize your images for the search engine bots. Image optimization tips

  1. create a keyword-rich image.  File name should contain keywords that you want to rank high in the name of the file and make the folder robot.txt. so that Image bots should crawl the folder.

    2. Alt tags should have keywords- Alt tags are designed to provide alternative text when graphics cannot be displayed. They should describe what the images are all about.

    3.  Put the keywords in your title tags-illustrations when the user is over the image.

    4. Add your target keywords in the body near the three-dimensional images from image-text for robots to give higher ranking.

    5. Improve your page source include keywords  in your title tags, meta tags and header tags. It is important to keep the density of keywords high on a page which contain image.

    6 Images download  – download of the same images in a gap of a few months to maintain the freshness of the search robots.

    7. Keep the resolution of image optimum that should be easy to download.

    8. Use the Google Image Labeller, it is a feature of Google search, which allows you to select images, and to improve the quality of the image search results in Google.

By using these image optimization tips you can harness rich source of traffic namely Google Images. This will increase your daily hits and draw target audience to your site.



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