Small Business Marketing: The Postcards And Business Cards

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With competition getting harder and harder these days, you are probably looking for ways to be market your business best without emptying your pocket. Perhaps you have tried social media, email marketing, and online ads, but have found them less effective for your business. So, are there other strategies you can take advantage of? Are there materials you can use that will help you create an in-depth marketing strategy that will bring more sales and profits to you? There are actually are materials you can use. There are the postcards and business cards. Yes, these are not high tech marketing tools but they prove to be effective in generating sales. If you want to achieve an effective marketing campaign, you might want to seriously consider these two materials.

The postcards

Printing postcards is not a difficult task. This is an old-fashioned tool so perhaps you are already familiar with it. Marketing postcards are basically similar to the postcards who have received from friends and family, only that this card is used to communicate marketing messages. It is usually 4 inches and 6 inches in size and designed creatively so it captures attention easily.

Your message has to be short and simple. Keep in mind that there is not enough space on your cards to include a lot of texts and details. Just focus on one idea and deliver it as clearly and brief as possible so people get to understand your intention right away.    

It is important that your custom postcards are designed impressively so you are able to deliver your message at once. One look at your card and people should already be influenced to pick it up. You can basically design your cards anyway you like as long as the design reflects on your business and your message effectively. You can always include images on your design, but limit it to just one image so your layout doesn’t look overcrowded. In some instances, your logo will suffice.  

A little help from a professional postcard printing company will bring wonders to your material. After all, they have the machinery, skill, and expertise in creating high quality postcards so you their help will surely bring you good results. Make sure though that you hire the right printer so you get to save a lot of your marketing dollars.  

The business cards

This is the first thing you need to invest in. Even though we are in the electronic age, the good old business cards are still a necessity. When you attend networking events, trade shows, or business meetings, the business card is still the first thing people ask for. If you don’t have your own cards, you are losing on great opportunities.

Just like the postcards, your business cards don’t have to be elaborate. In fact, the simpler the card the better. Of course, it is important that your cards look professional and credible. This will require you to come up with a good design. A standard business card comes in a 2 inches by 3.5 inches size. Because of limited space, you have to come up with a design that will communicate your business image clearly and directly. You have to include only important details and do away with the necessary ones.  

Invest in both postcards and business and you can truly leave a good impression on your customers and prospects. They will something tangible from you which will remind them of your business for a long time. 


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