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There are different kind of arts are available in our world and different kind of persons are interested with different kind of arts. Learning an art will give lot of fun and enjoyment to us. It is  our duty to encourage the real good arts and the persons who are great in that art. 

In my childhood days i am very much interested in drawing and paintings. My mother encouraged me to draw with her encouragement, i will get motivation and participated in some painting competition in my school. Got some prizes based on my talent. We all have some kind of arts lying with us, we must find out them and improve our skills in our field to shine in it. Painting is my favorite art from my childhood till today, always find enjoyment in drawing, if i find some free time, i will draw some pictures. Now my son is very much interested in drawing and always drawing some thing in his art book using his crayons and water colors.

Some parents don’t encourage their kids, if they are good in drawing, this kind of activity is wrong. Encourage your kid, if they have a good talent like painting, stitching and others. Not every one is blessed to have good talents, if your kid is good in drawing or speech encourage them in their field and help them to improve their skills, surely the kids will shine a lot in their field with the parents encouragement and we can save the art by giving more importance to it. Without proper encouragement some great arts are vanishing in this modern world. To avoid this kind of dying arts, we must encourage the arts and artists in various ways.

Different kind of Arts have the ability to give enjoyment and relaxation to us, most of the people having the hobbies of drawing, knitting, collecting things, stitching and other arts as their free time activity. We must give importance to this kind of extra activities and improve our self in various ways to express our skills and real talents.


As a parent we have the ability to find the real talent of our kid and encorage them in their field by praising their work and showing their good things to other people, in this way our kids will get motivation and improve their skills in their field, which is the way to encourage the real arts and artists.


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