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While using a social site, we must give a lot of importance to the profile page and give all the needy and required information to it, some persons don’t give more importance to the profile page and don’t fill it properly. It is not a good thing. We must give the real and honest details in our profile page, don’t share all your personal details in it. Share the needed things only. Most of the sites don’t force to give our personal details in our profile, as well as they have options to hide our b’day, contact number, address and other important things. Some sites made this kind of things as optional, so we have the ability to skip giving the private information with the site.

Uploading real pictures in our profile is a good thing to show our real identity to others, if you are not interested in uploading your real photo, you can use some other natural images, but don’t use celebrity photo or other copy righted images as your profile photo, this activity is illegal and we don’t have any rights to use other persons photo and claim it as our real photo. Our profile must be real and contains the honest information about our self. Our online friends come to know about our self after reading the information in our profile, so we must give the true information in our profile, which is useful to our online friends to get an image about us.

Try your maximum to avoid using fake information in the profile as well as creating fake profiles, lot of people are creating fake profile and giving wrong information in it. This kind of activities are misusing the internet, it is somewhat cyber crime too. Avoid creating fake accounts in social sites and use your real and true profile and update it whenever changes are required to it.

Social sites are the best place to get new friends around world and make a good relationship with them in the virtual online world. We have the ability to show our real face and information to our real friends, but we don’t have the ability to show our real things to our online friends, our profile is the way to show about our details and information  to our online friends, so keep updating your profile whenever needed and give the real and honest information in your profile to avoid unwanted issues. 


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