Hospital Development Indonesia (Rsi) in Gaza,

Hospital Development Indonesia (RSI) in Gaza, Palestinians who initially like a dream, now approaching realization. MER-C Presidium Chairman, Jose Rizal Journalists said the first job nearly reached 80 percent.

“It feels almost completed the first phase of construction work RSI Gaza. Last Sunday in January 2012 it reached 80 percent, God willing,” he said in a written message, Thursday, January 26, 2012.

He added, if no constraints mean structure work will be completed in 2 months, in March. Jose Rizal acknowledged, the development of RSI outside the plan’s first phase. Therefore, in planning, RSI should be completed in February of Gaza.

“However, various constraints that exist in the field make it a little backwards from the plan,” he said. These constraints include delay in procurement of materials, weather conditions in the last two months is always raining, and some additional work items until too late about 1 month. “It is considered very normal, because the building in conflict areas is not easy.”

Not only this once. Since the beginning of this hospital will be built, it faced many obstacles. “Ranging from hard the volunteers go into Gaza to oversee the construction, difficult to get the material, because the material must be procured through the tunnel,” he said.

“Plus the security conditions in Gaza alone who never separated from the Israeli attacks, which resulted in several times the development process must be stopped, and the various constraints that must be faced.”

However, he added, the volunteers did not give up. “It was unthinkable before the work was originally only dream of progress has been achieved so far,” said Jose Rizal.

He told us, from a distance, RSI Gaza octagonal like Qubbah Sakhra in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. “The building is already visible stand upright.”

To note, the hospital help the people of Indonesia through the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) started construction on a parcel of land located in the waqf Bayt Lahiya, North Gaza.

Stone first made by the Chairman of the House of Representatives on June 29, 2010. Funds available for construction of 60×60 meters sized hospitals that berjjumlah Rp13 billion. All pure from the people of Indonesia, no foreign aid.

congratulation to this new building, we hope that this building useful for any people in this country. bravo

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