The Abcs of Pregnancy Do’s

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The ABCs of Pregnancy DO’S
From the moment that you know you are pregnant you will be overwhelmed with helpful tips from well meaning relatives and friends.  A lot of this information is based on other women’s experiences and even more tips are just repeated pregnancy myths.

What you should do or not do is largely common sense good health practices and advice from your doctor .  Here are some of the eight most routine practices for each of the do’s and don’ts.


(1) Keep your OB-GYN appointments at the scheduled times during your pregnancy.  Your doctor  will be able to detect if any unusual situation develops.

(2) Take your daily prenatal vitamins and an added folic acid tablet (US Department of Health and Human Services recommends 400 to 800 mg a day of folic acid).  This ensures both you and your baby are getting good iron and nutritional supplements.  Your doctor  can prescribe the right prenatal vitamins suited for you.  Folic acid helps to prevent anemia and a low birth weight baby.

(3) Drink extra water and fruit juices.  These liquids work to keep you and your skin healthy and hydrated.

(4) Gain a reasonable amount of pregnancy weight as recommended by your doctor .  Gaining too much weight during pregnancy may result in the development of pregnancy related illnesses and makes it harder to regain your pre-pregnancy weight level.

(5) Stay active during yourpregnancy.  With your doctor ’s okay maintaining physical activity is good for both you and your baby.  One great and useful activity is to design and decorate your baby’s room.  This major area of concern can be fully completed weeks before your due date and it does not need to be extremely expensive.  There are many offers available for free baby clothes, free baby furniture, free baby samples, free baby cribs, and other free baby stuff .  You can even find free baby stuff  by mail.

(6) Try to get plenty of sleep every night.  To help the flow of blood to you and your baby sleep on your left side.  This will also help to prevent swelling of your hands and feet.

(7) If you have any health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure; continue to monitor and maintain your health regiment.  Do not stop any medications or begin any new medicines without consulting your doctor .  Sudden changes in your medical routine can be dangerous to both you and your baby.

(8) It is a good precaution to ask your doctor  about getting a flu shot when you are pregnant.  Having the flu while pregnant can make you very sick and might even result in a stay in the hospital.

When you follow these easy do’s, and without any unforeseen complications, you are on the path of having a safe and healthy pregnancy with the reward of having a safe and healthy baby that is going to enjoy all the free baby stuff  you got to make the baby’s early life easier.


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