Inflammatory Disease Appendix (Appendicitis)

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Before any further discussion about appendicitis which in medical language called Appendicitis, then it must first be understood what is meant by appendicitis. Appendix, as the name suggests that this is really the tip clogged intestinal tract. Intestine is the amount of approximately sejari pinkie, linked to the large intestine that is located in the lower right abdomen.

The appendix referred to in Latin as Appendix vermiformis, this organ is found in humans, mammals, birds, and some reptiles. This organ was originally considered as an additional organ has no function, but now that the function of the appendix is ​​known as an immunologic organ and is actively involved in the secretion of immunoglobulin (an immune system) which has / contains lymphoid glands.

Like the organs of the body, the appendix or the appendix of this disorder can suffer damage or disease attacks. This often times we are familiar with the name of appendicitis inflammatory disease (Appendicitis).

Causes Disease Appendicitis (Appendicitis)

Appendicitis disease is generally caused by bacterial infection, but there are several possible factors originators who until now have not be known with certainty. Among the factors blockage (obstruction) in the lining of the channel (lumen) appendix by heaps of feces / stool is hard (fekalit), hyperplasia (enlargement) of lymphoid tissue, worm disease, parasites, foreign objects in the body, the primary cancer and stricture.

Among the several factors above, then the most frequently found and a strong hunch as penyabab factor is blockage by stool / feces and lymphoid tissue hyperplasia. Blockage or enlargement which is the medium for bacteria to breed. Note that in the stool / fecal material of man is very likely been contaminated by the bacterium / bacteria Escherichia coli, this is often times lead to infection resulting in inflammation of the appendix.

Eating chili with seeds or guava and often undigested seeds in feces and sneak kesaluran appendix as salty things, So did the hardening of feces / stool (constipation) in a long time so maybe there are parts which are tucked into kesaluran appendix that eventually became the media germs / bacteria nesting and breeding as an infection that causes inflammation of the appendix.

Someone who experienced disease worms (worms), if the worms are breeding within the colon and then strayed into the appendix can cause disease appendicitis.


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