How to Learn From Your Inexperienced Teacher

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In September 2009 I was doing my PPL(Private pilot license) ground school and I had a lecturer who was not good at teaching. He hardly tried to explain what he needed to teach us. But it was quite difficult to understand what he said because of his improper methods of teaching. He was an inexperienced instructor and a new comer to the field of aviation. We didn’t have a way of changing the instructor due to lack of resources. So we happened to deal with him. And then it happened.

I had discovered a unexpected secret. From that day the instructor I saw not the same instructor. Same as the other days he kept trying me to teach a lesson. But I could not understand. Then I told him that I would explain him what I understood from what he taught. He agreed with me. Then I started explaining him as much as I could. Suddenly he began to realize my failing points. Then at the completion of my explanation he started teaching me in a manner I could understand. Because he understood my failing points. My explanation made him easier to understand what I have gained out of his lesson. That is the difference between a experienced and inexperienced instructor. Experienced instructor has an ability of easily getting understand a student which an inexperienced instructor does not have. So whenever you happen to deal with an inexperienced instructor you can use above method I discovered.

But you have to keep in mind that whenever you explain to your instructor you have to explain him your best. Always generously use a new paper to write down your explanation. Use drawings, tables etc. Because it will save your time and make your instructor more undestandable about your situation. Do not use same paper to write down all your explanations. Because it will make both you and your instructor confused. Students who are experiencing their college life can use this method whenever they happen to deal with an inexperienced teacher. Because I would ensure that anybody who use this method will be able to nicely deal with any instructor independently whether he or she is experienced or inexperienced.

According to the general condition whenever we are being taught by an inexperienced instructor, we have got used to ask lot of questions from the instructor rather than explaining him what we have gained out of his lesson. So this makes both you and your instructor confused. In order to give your instructor a clear view of what you have understood, the above method should be used.

I believe that all of you will enjoy your time with your inexperienced instructor.



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