How to Decorate for a Fun and Exceptional Party

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When you have a theme, parties can be incredibly fun and make you appear very inventive. Take a recent party I attended for my cousin’s youngest daughter’s birthday. Amy was just turning five, and had invited several other children her age over to help her celebrate. My cousin had also invited family and other friends over to celebrate, which is how I was able to attend this amazing party.

When I arrived at the big bash, I got my first look at the incredible theme party my cousin had put together. The first floor was covered with inflatable palms and plastic vines. There was even a humidifier emitting a mist to create a hazy jungle atmosphere, and music playing that imitated the sounds of jungle animals and birds. The place looked like a tropical forest! I was amazed at how creative everything was, and couldn’t believe how much work must have been put in.

My cousin even created a special corner just for the kids in one corner of the living room. In this corner, there was a green tarp on the floor with a tall inflatable palm tree. There were even a few plush jungle animals. Stuffed lions, stuffed giraffes, and even a big gorilla completed the theme by being strategically placed around the palm. This was the “picture corner,” where the kids could take pictures in the “jungle” so that everyone had a souvenir to take home! And that’s not all, with the picture they could also choose one of the stuffed animals in the corner to have for their very own! (Except for the big gorilla, because that was reserved exclusively for Amy!)

Obviously, the party went over very well with everyone. The stuffed plush animals were a great touch, giving authenticity to the theme and really making the children happy. Even the adults had to love the cute and cuddly critters! During the party, my cousin shared a secret with me. He said that even though the entire party looked like it had taken him days and days to put together, it had actually only taken him an hour to set it all up. I couldn’t believe it!

My cousin wasn’t the only one to realize what a rousing success themed parties could be. A few weeks later I attended my friend’s ten year wedding anniversary at her house. She had really learned from my cousin’s hit party. She had put together a teddy bear themed bash, which was not only cute but very personal. Her husband’s name is Theodor Bruin, but his nickname is Teddy. The stuffed animal theme worked out well for these occasions, and I can definitely see it working for many other events and holidays. As you can see, it’s really easy to let your creativity flow when you have plush toys to work with!


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