Time is up For Duncan Fletcher The Indian Coach

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I think Duncan Fletcher has really not come to grips with his job. He was appointed at a time when Indian cricket was on a high, India had won the world cup and were also the number 1 side in test cricket. This was the golden era and Fletcher had all this on a platter.

Two overseas tours  have however shown that Duncan is unable to digest the food on his platter. Even after 2 tours abroad he appears to have no clear cut ideas and  appears to be still on a learning curve. Fletcher as coach has seen England white wash India 4-0 and India is now on the verge of a colossal white wash again. It could very well be 8-0 and that will certainly raise  some questions. These defeats, a record in themselves need  a few players and some others to be guillotined. It is a collective failure and Duncan must also be axed.

So far Duncan is keeping out of the lime light and that is his forte. Nobody seems to be talking much about him as everybody castigates the senior players like Dravid and Laxman. Duncan Fletcher has quietly and if I say cleverly avoided the lime light and remained in the back ground. The spot light is not on him, yet he is one of the main ingredients of this colossal no show abroad. I don’t recollect India putting up so dismal a show ever on foreign soil and losing 0-7. That must take some beating.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTHVC7ug7Ed-qdufK9iBFM


Fletcher had coached England earlier and when India landed in England his inputs were supposed to help the Indian team. The fact is what he and his staff have achieved is a big zero. He has been unable to give any inputs or guide the team in England and the result is a defeat which shows that India is still playing cricket the same way as it did in 1936.


The fact is that in England and Australia the coach Duncan Fletcher is checkmated at every stage by his opponents. The captain and the coach of a team are pivotal members who plan the way a series is to be played. What is Duncan Fletcher’s contribution ? One will have to search  the bottom of a crystal ball to see what Fletcher has contributed.


In an era where the watchword is performance, the time has come for the board to crack the whip. The seniors must be sent home and the coach can also be a given a one way ticket to the moon, an euphonious for home.


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