Nasal Health

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The nose is the gate or entrance around the respiratory system and as a bulwark of Defense first body from harmful substances that go along with air breathing. Respiratory air coming in will be filtered, cleaned, colourless and regulated temperature prior to entry into the lungs.
A. Maintaining the health of the nose
1. clean the nostrils with caution.
2. avoid sneezing hard hard by spending through the nostrils.
3. in case of nosebleed, do the following:
a. sit down with the head slightly leaning to the fore, then jepitlah nostrils with the thumb and index finger.
b. Hold for 15 minutes and bernafaslah through the mouth.
c. Compress the nose and surrounding area with ice and fabrics.
d. For the following 24 hours should not be looked down, lift heavy loads or working out hard/heavy.
4. Beware of sinusitis can be painful and interrupting the activities. The symptoms are nasal congestion and removing mucus houses dilute yellowish green, pain and tense in the sinus areas, such as the area in the back of the nose and forehead, throbbing headache is fickle and missing so wake up from sleep and fever. To prevent it by means of the following:
a. don’t smoke.
b. Avoid among odours, dust, or substances that make your nose allergies, sneezing sneezing, or take out the lenders.
c. cough colds perfectly Healed.
d. limit the use of medication, nasal drops do not more than 3 times a day.
e. do not use nose drops drugs belongs to someone else to avoid transmission of the virus.
f. drinking lots of water to keep the respiratory secretion remains liquid and easily removed.
If it is exposed to sinusitis, drink a lot of warm water, warm water compresses in the nose, and anti pain medication.
B. Functions Of The Nose
The nose has a function to:
1. Breathe
In its function as the respiratory organs, the nose acts as a Filter (Filters and Protectors) and as an Air Conditioner (Air Condition Regulator). Said to be due to the air filter, which fit into the nose will be filtered and cleansed from dirt, dust and bacteria. This function is performed by the hair, Cilia, the enzyme lysozyme and mucus.Means the nose is a tool body armor against harmful substances that go along with air breathing. While as Air Conditioner, air enters the temperature will be adjusted in advance, and kelembabannya.
2. Smell
Due to the presence of mucus bulb.
When particles are captured by the smell receptors, signal will be sent to the olfactory bulb. Through neurological olfactori. This part send signals to the brain and then processed by the brain, the odor was noticeable by smell whether our nose
3. Talk
Instrumental in resonance and process talk. Resonance by the nose it is important to the quality of voice when speaking or singing. As for the process of talking, helping the process of the formation of the words of the nasal consonants m, n and ng


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