Teddy Bears and the Importance of Color Choice

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You may wonder, does it matter what color you choose for a stuffed animal? You may assume that they are all fluffy and adorable, so what if this teddy bear is brown or hot pink? Think again. Every color can have a different connotation, and depending on what you want to say, you should choose carefully.

Some colors are inappropriate for certain occasions, and sometimes getting creative with color can really make a gift extra meaningful. This can be a great way to get your gift to stand out from all the rest. Here’s an example. Say that you have to buy a teddy bear for a birthday party. There are a lot of colors available, but here are some simple rules to make the choice easier. Say you’re giving the gift to someone who likes things elegant and minimalistic. This is not someone for who you’d buy a purple bear. Instead, get the toy in classic colors that match the hues you’d find in the wild, perhaps brown or black. Think of a grizzly bear (brown) or a black bear. Don’t get too wild and crazy with color; keep things elegant.

On the other hand, maybe you need to get a gift for someone who’s a free spirit. They’d want something lively and fun. Go with colors like purple, blue or green, hues that you would never find on a bear in nature. Make sure the bear is fun and soft, because after all, bright colors invite hugs! Also, consider what mood you want to convey with your stuffed animal. Is it for a happy occasion like a little girl’s birthday party? Get it in bright pink! Or if you need to give a toy for a sad occasion, give it in darker colors, like brown or black. It’s not appropriate to give a bright rainbow colored bear to someone at a funeral. Or, if someone likes color, but still likes the bear classic, get the bear in a basic color and dress it up in some colorful clothing.

Have fun with it and you can impress people with how you’ve spiced up their gift. Remember serious occasions call for more natural colored teddy bears, and happy occasions give you the opportunity to choose bright and unusual colors. Just make sure the stuffed animal’s form is as exciting, or as elegant, as the color.

Choose carefully. Or keep in mind that you can always embellish a plush bear with clothing appropriate for the occasion. Hopefully this will have taken some of the mystery out of color choices. Now all you have to do is engage your creativity and find the perfect stuffed animal.

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