How to Advertise Your Garage Sale, Tag Sale, Moving Sale or Yard Sale

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Getting ready for a yard sale is a lot of work! So you want to make sure you draw plenty of people to your sale to score big in profits!

Step 1

The more, the merrier. If you have friends and family that have items they would like to sell, have them price their belongings and initial them–having a multi-family sale is a perfect way to draw shoppers–they know they will find all sorts of items at just one sale! Be sure to advertise that it’s multi-family!

Step 2

Pick a location. You might have the perfect spot, but if you’re house is tucked deep in a neighborhood or way off the “beaten path,” no one is going to use their precious gas (yes, with these prices, it’s precious!) to drive all the way out for one sale. Perhaps buddy up with a close friend that lives near a main road, or someone right in the middle of town. This will help increase the odds that people will swing by.

Step 3

It’s all about the signage. If your sign isn’t big and readable, people will pass by it without a second look. As an avid garage sale, I don’t waste my time on people who didn’t use their time wisely to make an attractive and eyecatching sign–and one I could read from the street! Use large, flourescent posterboard, fat Sharpie markers, and put the person with the best handwriting in charge of signs. Either tape them well to poles or use wooden stakes to staple them to. Make sure they are put together well (wind can massacure any garage sale sign!). Don’t worry about putting your actual home address on the sign–no one has time to read that from the road, and a block later they’ll be saying, “What house number was that? 109502?” Just put a big arrow and make more signs along the way to lead them. Flourescent arrows are garage salers’ best friend!

Step 4

Put an ad in the paper. Now, locally, where I live, this doesn’t do a lick of good. The only thing different that I noticed when I listed a sale in the paper is that a) I had to spend money to make money and b) the only benefit was I had people waiting outside in my driveway for me to open to garage door. Other than that, everyone I asked later in the day said the signs are what drew them. None of the people after midmorning even knew I had an ad! So do your research before dropping money on a newspaper ad.

Step 5

Stay open after five. Especially if you live near a business district. People will be driving home from work and will “swing in,” only to end up leaving with toys for their little ones. Take advantage of that rush hour traffic!

Step 6

Place all your signs on MAIN streets and intersections, even if it’s blocks away. Know where the traffic goes, and use that as a guide. And don’t forget neighborhood gas stations and convenient stores–people may swing by on their way to get gas.

Step 7

Many stores have bulletin boards, and you may be able to ask management if you can post a flier about your garage sale. Be sure to advertise what big items you have for sale, and what the majority of your sale is (kids clothes, toys, adult clothing, home decor, etc etc).

Step 8

Word of mouth. Let your neighbors know you’re having a sale, and see if they want to join in. If you get a street together with four or five sales in a row, you’ll attract more people–and that means, more sales!

Step 9

Find out what days are best for garage sales. In my area, Thursdays are the big garage sale days, and the best profit-bringers. Fridays don’t do as well and Saturdays are so-so. Plan according to how your city’s garage salers shop.

Step 10

Utilize free advertising. Many people like to use Craigslist to sell larger items. Do this, but instead of having a contact number, tell them to scope out the merchandise in person at your upcoming garage sale. If someone really likes your old kitchen table or those green recliners that are a few generations past their prime, they might like some of the other items you have for sale.

Tips and Tricks

* Location, location, location! Be sure you’re in a great spot of town for hosting a garage sale!
* Check with your city before placing any signs–some towns have strict policies on signage placement.


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