Skin Ageing And Stress

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It’s no secret that the majority of men and women worry about the skin ageing process. We all want to look our best as the years creep by. Caught up in the celebrity standards of immaculate wrinkle free skin and slender toned bodies, we fantasise about idealistic appearances that may be unattainable without a large piggy bank and a professional cosmetic surgeon.

Skin ageing inevitably happens to us all; however it’s how we deal with the process that matters. Choosing costly and in some cases, drastic surgery can help to erase years, however the ultimate factor of money can cause stress – a key factor in speeding up the process that we desire to slow down!

However we can help the ageing process by choosing cost effective processes, quality skincare and relaxation methods.

Relaxing should be your main priority – not only for your skin but for your overall health too! Stress is a key component to heart related problems and cancers, therefore learning how to manage it will benefit you and your skin.

Dr. Herbert Benson, director of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, suggests that one of the most powerful ways to counter act ageing is to trigger what might be called the “relaxation response,” which is hard-wired into human biology as much as a the “fight or flight” response to danger.

His advice for triggering the age-defying response is to set aside time each day to relax. Not just every now and again, but every day! Make a point of having ‘me time’ to relax and revitalise.

Practice the art of mindfulness (momentary meditation) by removing your mind from the hectic work schedule and taking a few moments to fully focus and concentrate on the present. It doesn’t have to be obvious to your colleagues – remove yourself from the room or even face your computer and close your eyes. Stop what you are doing, take slow deep breathes, while observing your thoughts and feelings. Concentrate on your breathing rhythm or focus your attention on an object, examining every detail of that one thing. Once you begin to feel more relaxed then proceed with your activities in a calmer and controlled manner.

Learning to deal with stress can help to slow down cellular ageing as well as preventing an array of associated diseases and illnesses.

Eating the right food can help to improve your overall health and skin complexion also. Foods rich in Omega 3 such as salmon, sardines and other oily fish are essential in maintaining skin health. Avocado’s are bountiful in nutrition and skin nourishment while dark skinned fruits such as blueberries and red grapes provide vital nutrients and antioxidants.

The debate over Botox is left open – valued by some as a saviour for wrinkle reduction but detested by others as a foreign substance that is injected into the body. Studies have shown that the overall opinion of women who have Botox is presumed to be ‘cold and vain’ in comparison to those whose use topical natural skincare solutions. Either way Botox has a costly maintenance schedule.

There are other options available such as Neuro Peptide based serums and creams that can help to relax / freeze the skins facial muscles to reduce lines and wrinkles. Choose a skincare regime that combines pure natural ingredients with advanced scientific research to enhance the skins appearance without surgery.

Prevention & daily maintenance is the key to a more luminous and ageless skin complexion – with a daily routine of relaxation, nutritious food and an advanced natural skincare routine you too can look as radiant as the rich celebrities who make it their job to look good!

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You have now achieved your classic look.


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